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By Anonymous
First run: oh god help why are they so fast oh my god let me heal why are there three of them what is this chaos WHY IS THERE A SECOND PHASE

Fifth run: I have killed champion gundyr and Gael and have a +11 weapon now shoo
By Anonymous
how do i get plus 11 weapon plz tell
By Anonymous
'Tis a joke, lad
By Anonymous
did anybody know the watchers are weak to magic? im using magic weapon to beat them, and it does about as much damage as lightning resin!
By Anonymous
I heard someone say the abyss watchers are chosen undead followers which i get but due to the connection to artorias the real one it indicates he's the wolf bloods master so they still follow artorias by right of the wolfs blood if I'm getting this right
By Anonymous
They aren't connected to the chosen undead in any way, they are followers of Artorias, but if you played through DS1 you'll know that Artorias's legend is fake, it was the chosen undead who stopped manus
By Anonymous
I know about artorias and his connection with the watchers I was asking why some people think they follow the undead as I said I get what they mean as in the legend is really the undeads

because they killed manus so in reality the watchers follow the undead I was asking in lore is that correct
By Anonymous
nah they just follow artorias, but because stupid mushroom was like 'oh yeah i know it was u that killed manus and saved artorias but you know what? **** YOU! I WILL GIVE ALL THE CREDIT TO ARTORIAS EVEN THOUGH HE DID PISS ALL!!!'

and then later the abyss watchers were like wow what a cool mushroom, her infomation is 100% legit we should defo listen to her instead of actually looking into the details, oh well, we cant because if we do then we wont be called abyss watchers we will be called chosen undead fanclub that fight the dark and that would be cringe so yeah we will go with abyss watchers after artorias
By Anonymous
I like this boss fight, but I would love it if first phase was longer or didn't completly change in second. What I mean is, the 2 on 2 fight is pretty unique (ignoring summoning phantoms of course) and exhilarating. Unfortunatly it's too short - main Abyss Watcher has little health and allied one does so much damage you can basically only dodge and still win pretty quickly. Second phase is OK, but not as interesting - more damage, more health, fire traces, I don't even remember if he gets any new moves.But second phase is supposed to be "main event" and first only appetizer, so changing it might make whole thing too long, I don't know.
Great soundtrack tho.
By Anonymous
I don't know, he is one of the earliest bosses, he is not supposed to be difficult
By Anonymous
tip for the boss;
try finger
but hole
By Anonymous
What a stupid boss.

Attacks that are impossible to avoid. Hit boxes that came straight out of 1999. Damage output that's incredibly ridiculous. You do 150hp he does 4/5 of your HP in one hit.

Incredible job devs.
By Anonymous
Get gud
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
i got u homie

level up adaptation

and git gud salty casul
By Anonymous
Adaptability isn’t in the ****ing game any more you twat.
By Anonymous
wut r u on bruv? don't u get jokes bruv????
By Anonymous
So it's a stupid boss because you don't know how to dodge or parry their attacks ? Naah, it's a great boss, see to the advice from the first reply
By Anonymous
you just noob thats all artorias basically harder(well technically he was the strongest boss in ds1)
By Anonymous
git gud
By Anonymous
They are almost too easy for how dank they are, git gut scrub.
By Anonymous
This fight could've just start with the abyss watcher killing the last other abyss watcher then the fight is just the phase two but longer
By Anonymous
How did this boss curse me, when he hit me in the second phase i got a small amount of curse, is this some sort of bug?
By Anonymous
maybe a ring or armor? or just sum random bug
By Anonymous
He was pissy about how the fight was going and cursed you under his helmet and you saw the curse bar momentarily appearing , I'm sure
By Anonymous
who you calling a pin head
By Anonymous
fighting the abysswatchers with their armour and sword equipped is a amazing and risky battle at times you actually feel like one of the npc watchers during the fight fighting the main watchers
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