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Artorias wannabes.
Yoel doesn't die after this fight, it's the opening of the Catacombs that kills. You can kill the Watchers and rest at their bonfire, just don't go near the Chalice at the end of the room
yoel dies when you get his levelups too
This fight was easy took me one attempt


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Good for you
Beat him first try with Vordt's Great Hammer. The Pale Shade kept his attention and the charged R2 flattened him. Didn't use a single estus flask. Disappointing, I remember him being a much more imposing foe.
Every boss is much more easy with a summoned phantom. I can´t remember even one boss which was more difficult with a helping hand.
*cough* Midir
Says a staggerable boss is easy WHILE GANKING...Jesus you *****ing casual
Are the people who write this dumb?! Look at the undead legion set, the same armour worn by the abyss watchers, lightning is their highest resistance! Not even highest elemental resistance, no no no, out of all the resistances including physical lightning is the highest. They are actually weak to dark and slash.
Just because their armor on you gives lightning defense doesn't mean it does on them. They aren't players, they're enemies and their weaknesses are totally independent from the Armor they look like their wearing.
I agree.
***** this boss and ***** this game. This boss is highly resistant to lightning damage.
It was easy for me just use the dragonslyer greataxe
The boss is weak to lightning
bruh the Abyss Watchers are one of the easiest bosses in the game. They're also fun as hell.


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I dont know I have bashed him with a lightning buffed sword very easily
visions of critical foe...
As a Pyromancer, if you can get Boulder Heave, you can decimate the Abyss Watcher. At start of fight, dodge then hit with the "Heave" over and over. Should get him to about 20% quickly. Then run away from the other watchers that spawn and when they attack him go to town again. He will go down fast. In second phase, dodge to side and use Heave when you have an opening. Same deal...he will go down fast as each Heave knocks him on his ***.
Only I can summon 1 of the 3 summons ?!
I swear the second phase guy will always combo a liiittle longer than you expect