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Unofficially called the Pointy Hats.
Did you watch dørk souls III?
The pudding bois in there pointy hats
For sorcerers in trouble, google 'Intelligence kills Abyss Watchers' for guidance


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Anybody else think they were *****ED when they saw that intro cutscene?
wait for him to do all the cool moves, go to his rear and backstab him, +4 long sword deals 230 to him, get this three times and you are basically won the fight
+4 long sword NO infusions? I have a +10 longsword with raw infusion. Do you know how much that would be?
Also, when I had thought that I was f.ucke.d when I saw the intro cut scene, the actual boss battle was one of or THE best boss battles I have EVER experienced. The music went along with the atmosphere and if you see the second phase cutscene , depending on when you defeat the first phase, the music could be at a different place, and weirdly is goes right along with the second phase cut scene, and he best OST I've ever heard. It goes along with the Abyss Watchers fighting style, soooo dop.e! The abyss watchers themselves look BADA.SS! And the lore is interesting, which could lead to VERY good theories. They're just cool. Second phase is VERY Does anybody else feel the same?
Heck yeah. This fight gives me chills every time.
They give 18k souls, not 13,500 at NG.
The 13 500 probably came from someone who summoned a phantom (you get only 75% of the souls if you do).
The summon sign for gotthard will not appear if you summoned londor pale shade, and if you summoned gotthard you won't be able to see the summon sign for londor pale shade. At least, that's how it was in my game. I can see the summon sign for londor pale shade after I banish gotthard.
Try Dried Fingers for extra summon sign.
When i first encountered the abyss watchers i got lucky and managed to barely beat them on my first try. even in ng+ as well, however, after facing them on another ng i got beat by them multiple times
Instead of going on to ng+ do different type of play throughs or else you will forever be *** at the game
In running the Astora great sword and was 2h full charge r2 hitting him, blasting him to the ground repeatedly starting from about where the bonfire appears and was able to push him to the wall in the right side of the boss room from the entrance to about where the center pillar is. There appears to be a "hole" in the wall where I launched him into then I hit him one more time as it was the furthest I could reach him then about 2-3 secs later the fight ended and I received all the rewards without ever entering the 2nd phase. As he appears to have plummeted to his death So definitely the easiest time I have beaten him. Was on ng with my new character and also had londer and gothrad summoned. Has anyone else managed to experience this? Or is willing to test it on there end?