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My new favorite way to sunbro is to put on full Abyss Watchers armor + weapon + Untrue Dark Ring and plop my sign down for this fight. The only downside is that when the Watchers all start attacking each other, you can't just let them duke it out. You HAVE to join the action.
That is such a cool idea oml
I did that to but I was summoned by a 1 shoted
Host and again in wi h I won
So which main boss from ds1 is this a reference to? Prince Lothric is 4 Kings? Aldrich is Nito? That left Scaleless and Bed of Chaos.
None, it's a ref to Artorias. They don't have a correlating DS1 boss like they did in DS2
Aldrich is Nito? As opposed to, oh I don't know, say... Wolnir THE SKELETON, COVERED IN SKELETONS, SUMMONING SKELETONS?

Aldrich is, surprise surprise, Gwyndolin. You know. The person Aldrich is using as a literal puppet.
It is obvious they are the equivalent of The 4 Kings from DS1. Both have more than 1 enemy body.
Farron's Undead legion included the Abyss Watchers and the army acolyte of Ghrus. Crystal Sage teaches sorcery to Farron, who in turn teaches his Ghrus. As for who is Farron? We might see him/her in Dark Souls 4.
Farron is a country. Ghru were Farronites twisted by the swamp's poison, though they were loyal to the Legion. The Sages taught sorcery to the Legion acolytes, aka the Farron Followers from the Ariandel DLC.
best boss in the main game.
nah it is the nameless king
pontiff easily



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If you lead the darkwraiths to the fog wall, the abyss watchers will go HAM on them and usually completely ignore you. The darkwraiths can also do some nasty damage in the process
i actually found a server were like 20 players were all dressed as abyss watchers and they were just waiting for me and there was a sign on the floor which read fear the legion
That's not even possible, you can only have up to three summons. Unless they were hacking then you're lying.
I swear if one of these guys dose Artorias flip attack I'm jumping off the roof of lothric castle
This boss is my personal favorite in the souls series my first playthrough it seemed super daunting and eerie now everytime afterwards that I play against this boss it always feels like an epic fight but albeit easy
they are basically artorias and i love them for it