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Can't wait to try exploding bolts!
So, did someone figure out where you can buy them?
its drairat's questline. after dieing on his third outing his ashes unlock them via the handmaiden. i can't believe i'm the first person to report this ;)


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I can confirm this, I tryed it by myself and it worked.
Honor this guy!
Oh, OK, thanks. He died on his second attempt in my walkthrough, so I only got lightning bolts as best ones.
Does anyone know if these cause stagger or knockback on players? It would be sweet to send someone flying from a distance.
I don't think it does buddy, but that would be sweet
I want to believe Edmond or whoever the guy is gonna show up in a DLC Cos he is important enought to be Named for just 2 weapon, BLOODBORNE Style weapon dlc anyone ?
God no, bloodborne was terrible and spammy. Ds3 is already too much like bb, tone it done pls
To the idiot bellow me: how about you fasten the pace, or do you have downs?
Unfortunately, nothing came of Edmond- unless he secretly made the repeating crossbow modifications.
How come I can't buy them? I had seigward save em and he dies at lothric castle, ashes was in grand archives, I'm ng+. Still no Exploding bolts
There is a glitch. I had exploding bolts in the first playthrough. In NG+, I followed the questline perfectly and for some reason, Greirat died in his second pillage so now I am out exploding bolts forever. Stuff like this is upsetting.
There is a glitch. I had the bolts in the first playthrough and I followed the questline exactly and for some reason, Greirat died on his second outing and his ashes were in the sewer so now I am screwed forever unless I start NG ++ which I do not feel like doing just for bolts.


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For some reason it wont let me edit the page to add that you can now have 600 in your stash and that you can only carry 30 at a time. Information I believe should be on this page.
True that
I think they may have removed them from the store because I turned the ashes in and still cant buy any. And by cant buy any i mean there not in the store.


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Maybe cause there are only 1 way to get these. To get them: You have to send greirat on his THIRD TOUR! And then you have to pick up his ashes and give it to handmaiden. This is only possible if he don't die at his second tour. (patches or siegward has to rescue him) Just read it
Where can i buy stamina arrow?
estus bolts , for jolly cooperation.
Ask your doctor.