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By Anonymous
Maybe other folks can make this ring viable for a full playthrough?
By Anonymous
the +0 starter ring is not useful unless you can do without the other starting item choices.
By Anonymous
+1 Life Ring in NG+ in the tower were Onion Bro relocates to in Undead Settlement. The floor you have to jump off the elevator going up to get to. Near the fire demon fight.
By Anonymous
Question is... can you wear more than one?
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By Kwzprtt
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No, all rings are unique equiped.
By Anonymous
That was obviously a joke
By Anonymous
Potentially could make it very dangerous. 7% increase ontop of their already massive health, buffed with lots of defense.A potentially dangerous ring in the right hands.
By Anonymous
I think the same mang because +3 is 10% which is insane with 50 vit!
By Anonymous
So in order to get the platinum trophy, and of course the ring's trophy, i will need to complete the game 4 times just to get this *****ing ring +3?!
By Anonymous
Well the third time you need to reach almost the end of the game to get that ring.
By Anonymous
Untended Graves can be reached at the very beginning. I killed Dancer and Gundir at SL50, so in NG++ it will be even simpler.
By Anonymous
You only have to beat the game twice.
By ThaDevilzHand
On your final playthrough you could just kill High Priestess Emma and already fight the Dancer so you can get to Lothric Castle. So no...if you don't mind killing an NPC you do not almost have to reach the end of the game.
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By ArmStorage
You can also ask your friends to transfer the rings.
By Anonymous
Only 2 times. You can get it early in NG++ if you kill the Dancer right away. You literally only have to kill 4 boss in NG++: Iudex Gundyr, Dancer, Oceiros, and finally Champ Gundyr.
By Anonymous
You could also not get the random dumb achievement if you don't want to work for it.     It's not a requirement for playing the game.
By Anonymous
did a fast google search to see if this was common, didnt try hard to look so maybe it's known, but i got life ring+2 in my first NG, on a ledge in dragon barracks. if i recall correctly (pretty sure was a couple days ago) it was near the snake monster mutator guys in dragon barracks area after the two dragons. i have standard, +1, and +2 in my first new game
By Anonymous
mutator guy* the one that you can find by dropping off the bridge just short of the dragons... playing on PC
By Anonymous
What? You can only get the +2 version in NG+. Just 30 minutes ago I got the ring, and I know for sure that I am in NG+.
By Anonymous
same here. i'm on my 2nd playthrough, freaking out slightly.
By Anonymous
You're mistaken. I'm in NG now and the ring isn't there. I know the exact location. You must have been in NG+.
By Anonymous
Ok so I was doing Untended Graves in my NG+2 playthrough, then I went to the location described above for NG+3 version of this ring, and it was there. Highly recomended to look up for certain items that "only appear" in subsequent NG's.
By Anonymous
Oh yes, my bad.
There is no NG+3 version; the Life Ring+3 shows up in NG++, while both the +1 and +2 show up in NG+.
By Anonymous
If you get the Bariel gift life ring can you still get the +1 and above?
By Anonymous
Yes, of course. If you use that Ring as a Burial Gift you can even get it twice in the first playtrough.
By Anonymous
"The only ring in the game with a +3 version. Obtain in NG++" not anymore!
By Anonymous
it says before the ringed city dlc
By Anonymous
You realize they changed it, right? You are replying to a comment that was made almost 3 months earlier. This comment was made right after Ringed City was released.