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Can this ring be repaired or is it utterly destroyed? Haven't seen any evidence that rings include durability stats.
ummm... bravery I mean.... lol
dude above me doesn't understand this game AT ALL, oh my god. what a moron. stop being so bad people. the ds2 ring was a sad embarrassing joke that shouldn't have existed.
To the guy who's complaining about the Ring of Sacrifice being a high-cost, single-use item that he will never actually use: Let me explain how this ring is useful. It's just like Dark Souls 1. Suppose you die with lots of souls. "Lots of souls" meaning "more than the ring is worth to you", e.g. pretend you die with 200,000 souls. You then put the ring on and go get your souls back. If you fail, the ring is gone, but your souls are still out there. Since this is the ONLY THING THE RING DOES, it's not a bad trade. If you get the souls back, you can take the ring off, and you lost nothing. If you get the souls back and forget to remove the ring, and then die again, you will return to the bonfire without the ring, but you get to keep the souls, so once again, the ring has done its one job.
It's a really good ring, you just use it only when you really need to recover a huge amount of souls. It's especially good in Dark Souls 1 when you have a PvE character around soul level 200 and your level-ups cost 300,000 souls. The ring can be bought for 5000, which is pocket change by that time.
Thanks for the soul-saving info! Hopefully they will be repairable, maybe steeply at the beginning. I was chicken in ds2 and wore the variant frequently.
Cool so it's another high cost, expendable, single shot item that I won't bother using, again. As cheesy as the ring of life insurance from DS2 was, it still felt better than "oh this would come in handy now. But wait if I use it now I might waste an opportunity I really need later. I'll just tough it out and not use it" ad infinitum. I honestly question why a game that centers on dying and retrying situations even has items you can blow away and never replenish.
I'll let the blue sentinels be my beavery now. Haha!
Single use in DS3, the ring disappears from your inventory once it has been used.
These were not repairable in DS1, there was a variant in DS2 that was but I don't think these can be repaired.
Seriously? I just learned the hard way that this thing breaks when you die as a summoned phantom. That has to be a glitch right? That's a ***** move, even by From standards.
That's because when you die a pantom your souls are at where you died as well as a phant2
why were you wearing it to begin with
I just went to retrieve lost souls in farron keep. at the place were the swamp is very deep and there's 4 or 5 frogs coming at you. I got cursed, died and then my previous souls were gone, and the ring didn't break. I guess it only works when it's not a curse that kills you? -.-
I had the same issue, apparently when you die to curse it doesn't work.
As cheesy as DS2's variant was, It made end game grinding a cakewalk rather than a grueling grindfest that pretty much spelled dying needlessly and losing out on all that effort. I really hope they consider adding at least one of these rings; Ring of Life or Soul protection.
How does this (as in every occurence of this ring) work with the achievement ?


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You only need 1 of this ring for the achievement if you use them all and they all break you will lose the ability for the trophy until your next playthrough, also remember to grab even the +1 and +2 rings for the trophy
So..does anyone else have all the rings but didn't get the trophy so we can cry together ?
There are 107 rings. You need the NG+ and NG++ versions to get the achievement.
Ring did not work for me when i died in Crucifixion Woods from another player. and i lost all my souls.
Was in Demon Ruins going to see how phantom Tsorig did against actual Tsorig after he kick my keister. When i died to the basalisk swarm though the ring didn't break losing my +200,000 souls in the process.
You died to curse, that's different from a normal death