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"in terms of damage output per stamina expended, Greatswords are easily the best value weapon category"
*******, Curved Greatswords expend the same amount of stamina per hit, but deal signifcantly more damage. Greatswords swing faster, however.



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The reason for that is because of the damage type that curved greatswords deal. Standard greatswords deal standard damage, and "Physical" Defense/Absorption is typically the highest on majority armor sets, as well as with a good portion of enemies'. On the other hand, Curved GS all deal slash, and "VS slash" Defense/Absorption is typically lower on most armor and will some enemies.
Zweihander is Superior to this whole category


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I think you mean bass cannon
is the flamberge any good ?
Super good, on a 40 dex 60 faith build with lightning blade it can 3 shot some people at sl 120
i found it pretty good, nice ar, can be infused. i completed my first run with flamberge and astora gs
It does extremely good damage at a low SL. Not to mention the The stabbing weapon art does abnormal damage
which ones best for strength build (66/16)
What is the best quality great sword (just wondering)
quality as str/dex or quality as /str/dex/int/faith. i found the later to be chaos drakeblood greatsword.



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Black knight sword, consumes more stamina but does high poise damage, so very useful on bosses. Plus in PVP very usefull against turtles just use the knight slayers ring and they will be guard broken in 2 3 hits.