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By Badgerpunk
Found a visual bug:
Class - Thief
SG - Branch
1. Unequipped branch from item bar
2. Moved bow to LH1 (unequipped shield)
3. Locked onto enemy in CoA
Result: HUD displays what appears to be a debug menu with text in japanese
Not sure where else to post this, can anyone replicate/explain this effect?
By Anonymous
This is an uncommon that bug happens regardless of class, there is a sprite sheet with icons (including the lock-on icon) that is used to save on memory. Whenever the game needs an icon, it will pull it from the sheet. Once in a while it will pull everything from the list resulting in the bug. Luckily, it's easy to fix by merely restarting the game.
By Anonymous
The fastest in term of farming Lothric Knight Sword early.
By Anonymous
what would be best stats wise on thief (levelling up)
By Anonymous
Dexterity and Luck.
By Anonymous
For optimization purposes, the thief class is only for pure LCK builds or DEX/LCK builds. Indeed, if you want a STR/LCK or a quality/LCK build, you should choose the warrior. If you want an elemental LCK build, start with the sorcerer or the cleric, they both have high luck too. Rare are the weapons scaling massively with LCK, but you have for example the man-grub's staff. Because it requires 18 INT, here again the sorcerer is preferable as a starter class.
By Anonymous
And even the anri's straight sword requires only 10 DEX, the thief has too much so I would prefer the deprived class for its optimization.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
True, except on hollow builds, luck is just wasted levels, usually a dump stat
By Anonymous
Starts with the best Parry Shield in the game and Bandit's knife which can spam attacks so fast you'll bleed out most enemies
By Anonymous
you can try to use the spook spell
By Anonymous
Buy Aural decoy, Spook, Hidden body, farron flashsword and pestilent mist from orbeck, he
gives you the ring that silences you then you can use hidden body to backstab or use mist to wear down most enemies.
By WildBoar
I would love it if this game had a pickpocket function. It would depend on dexterity for chance of success and only work on enemies not aggroed.
By Anonymous
Even a simple "backstab increases item drop rate" mechanic would work.
By Anonymous
Just put pot over their head
By Anonymous
I would love more interactive/rpg elements in DS, but I’ll take what I can get. High hopes for Elen Ring though
By Anonymous
finally, i can take the old lady's bowl without resorting to murder
By Anonymous
I really want to use spells for the thief class but do they even exist?
By WildBoar
Spook and Hidden Body are good for a stealth approach to this game.
By Anonymous
Some spells can mask your footsteps and also make you harder to detect. Those would be useful for you.
By Anonymous
Can thief use katanas
By Anonymous
Sorry for that late response. But I love starting as the thief. And yes they can use katanas. You should put a few levels in str. But the uchi is a great weapon and you can get it early on.