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Also of course, for thieves.
Good early game ring for pyromancers too! Depends if melee and light gear is in one's plans.
Does anyone know the minimum number of vitality do you need to get the full benefit? Not using havels ring
it works different now, i cant rly figure out how but my guess is actual weight, not % but the number. because i have the same dmg buff with and without havels i get more dmg when i unequip stuff etc. but the dmg boost seems pretty low compared to ds2
Does it work like in DS II? As in, your maximum equip load is taking in consideration. So you had to keep it below 60 equip to get the most out of it.


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well FROM Software learned from DS2 :D all damage buffs are % now ... so you can`t stack flat damage buffs on daggers fast weapons for huge damage :(
Arent it dps thing? So buf applies to your damage and than it affects by attack speed and so dps buff is same for all?
Does this ring affect elemental weapon damage as well, or just physical?
the first and second notes seem to be contradicting each other
the first one says it does work like always and is for sure based off of equip load and the second says it might be that or equip ratio
someone fix this?
Dammit how does this work???
This ring is confusing as hell, i tried using it today, and being butt naked using only my weapon and the ring gave me the max bonus, my weight was around 6 units at 12% max. I then added the cloranthy ring, weight went up to almost 7 units, 13.x % of my max. My AR dropped by 1 when i equipped it. Either its bugged or the above info is incorrect. Either way this ring is driving me crazy! Someone please figure it out!!!
30% bonus naked + the ring

-1% per unit of load up to 30 units

0% bonus at 30.9 units and above


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Dangit this ring sucks *** now for heavier weapons. I wanted my Flynn's FUGS back from DS 2 :((