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By Anonymous
Classy and elegant, bestoc 4ever
By Vaelky_01
I also forgot to point how sad that R1 spammers **** on the reputation of the estoc, just like the darksword
By Anonymous
why this is quality weapo its need to be dex
By Anonymous
it's freaking ESTOC. If anythng it should be a str weapon
By Anonymous
God I just started playing this game and came to the wiki to see if it’s a good weapon, but y’all go waaaay to deep into it. Just choose which weapons are fun jesus. And maybe go outside every once in a while.
By Anonymous
don't tell me what to do you filthy casual
By Anonymous
I agree, y’all need to go out and touch grass. Why are you people so into this? I’ll never understand this community
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By Forossa
i agree, i rarely find what i'm looking for on these wikis. just know that if you are playing the game for fun, every weapon that looks cool is good. Come to the wiki if you are sweating in pvp.
By Anonymous
never forget this was a strength weapon in ds2
By Anonymous
just like in real life
By Anonymous
It's actually not sold by the Shrine Handmaid after giving her Greirat's ashes. Beware of that
By Anonymous
not true. im looking at it right now, i actually came here to see if this is worth buying
By Anonymous
It depends which kind of Greirat's ashes you had. If you didn't allow him to make a visiot to steal stuff, his ashes wont have estoc and other things he'd normally have after his return.
By Anonymous
This fking troll going around on different weapon pages talking about how "this weapon bad just pick up pkcs already" needs to stop. seriously, people come to these pages to find helpful info, and crackhead trolls like this one make it hard to find helpfull insights from other players, and even harder to find the actually FUNNY comments. Doesn't matter how old they are, internet trolls are all mentally children
By Anonymous
Yeah yeah go cry about it on Reddit
By aNewPlayer
PKCS Guy is a national treasure, you are not.
By Anonymous
If he did it... once? twice? It might be funny. To systematically post what is often the exact same comment on nearly every weapon in the game is not.
By Anonymous
Yeah **** is funny the first time now its stupid
By Anonymous
To 27 Jul anon, I completely agree with you. The joke is old and unfunny. PKCS guy, if you’re reading this, get a ****ing life
By Anonymous
Anyone who thinks this weapon is trash never played against someone that knows how to use it. For real
By Anonymous
A good choice for hyper-mode sorcerors. Decent reach and a good swing speed. Also does absolutely H U E G damage when buffed with CMW with 60 int and court sorceror staff. When combined with damage boosters like magic clutch, dusk crown, red tearstone and morion, it gets around 780 AR (raw infusion, btw). Obviously if you are going to be using hyper mode, you probably dont want to be in melee range, but it's basically impossible for that not to happen sometimes, so you might aswell have something strong AF for the occasion.
By Anonymous
r1 r1 r1 r1 r1
By Anonymous
you can use this on sl1 run with hoonters ring OR the milkring. its damage sucks but if you like stabby weapons you should try this
By Anonymous
i love that. "its damage sucks... but you can poke people!"
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