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By Anonymous
hey so... does the second 1h r2 on this thing have a parry during its startup? I was using it on a claw wielding corvian knight and somehow got a parry from it. not sure if I could replicate it tbh.
By Anonymous
oh, I should also mention that it was fully charged, so you might want to see if that makes a difference as well.
By Anonymous
That's a crit, not a parry.
By Anonymous
The claw corvian knights can be parried just by hitting them during certain attacks for some reason. Doesn't matter what weapon you use
By Anonymous
ds3 estoc = DEX
ds2 estoc = STR
Once again it is proven that ds2 is the better game.
By Anonymous
Just use a heavy stone, same deal. You even get one early from Hawkwood.
By Anonymous
ds2 estoc was quality you nerd
By Anonymous
Pretty good early on and late on if you know how to use it. Don’t spam, look for opportunities and dance out of your opponents range. This weapon also has pretty damn good stun on first r1 so use that to your advantage to cancel the attacks of heavier builds, as this weapon is fast. Not meta but very fun to use honestly.
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