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By Drake_Bridge_Invader
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Damage looks good, scaling doesn't impress (but it is a starting weapon), with standard it should keep its waving cuts one handed.Very keen to use it.
By Bobcatsalesman
Apart from starting equipment on the Assassin, does anyone know where to get it? going to use it in my int/magic weapon build.
By Anonymous
Is it just me or is this the thrusting sword with the longest reach? The blade looks larger compared to the others.
By Anonymous
To be true to the real thing, it's length being so long (and reach) is the main reason it was replaced by the rapier.It's difficulty to wield properly was the reason it was replaced by the rapier, that and the fact that a rapier could be used with a parrying dagger on the off hand, while an Estoc is historically a two handed weapon (though it wasn't uncommon for a user to hold with a single hand during some positions in fighting).As for in game: The reach difference is present but not perfect, no hitbox in the game is. The L2 and Kick attacks are where the weapon trumps rapiers, from my experience so far.
By Anonymous
It's supposed to be big. Estoc is basically German answer to "how to pierce through plate armour without polearms?"
By Anonymous
Where to get it from? Apart from starting equipment...
By Anonymous
Greirat sells it after he upgrades his inventory once.
By Anonymous
For those wondering where to get it for non assassins, you need to have sent Greirat to pillage once and he'll sell it once he returns. Same conditions as the Zwei basically.
By Anonymous
Used this rapier to complete the game, absolutely great weapon.
By Anonymous
Great for turtlers and Gatsu wannabees.
By Anonymous
I started with the Assassin class and completed the whole game just with this sword. It has a great dps, alot of staggering and doesn't care about walls in narrow corridors
By Anonymous
Does infusing this with bleed set it to 100? because the Estoc i'm looking at in game has 0 on it.
By Anonymous
That's it's critical damage.
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