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By Anonymous
I found myself having a lot of fun playing this class back in DS1 but in DS3 it's just a pain in the ***
By Anonymous
Anprims be like
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Agreed! Imagine hand-wringing over 3-4 wasted stat points out of 195 at SL125. "Gee if I hadn't had that 1 extra point in Luck I would have survived that Giant Dad."
By Anonymous
Deprived is best hands down for anything. Unless you are going for pvp. If you pvp and like to limit yourself due to other peoples wants and thoughts then pick another class. pvp scrubs think they own every game that has a pvp element. Sorry no. Pvp in games is for little*****s who are cowards in real life. You want pvp? Join the *****ing military. then you can pvp in real life.
By Anonymous
Who hurt you
By Anonymous
Who hurt him? Probably every single invader that came to his world lmao.
By Anonymous
I bet you wear havel, use dsga, and proc tears
By Anonymous
I served, proudly, but I also like pvp in video games. You sir, are a tool.
By Anonymous
I agree. All invaders are bloody ****e.
By Anonymous
Soooooo you’re saying you suck at pvp got it
By Anonymous
ah yes perfect for making a Floridia man build
By Anonymous
How do I take off the strap on the chest? New to DS3
By Anonymous
If you get a chest plate it will go away
By Anonymous
Just wear some armor but you should already know that by the time I write this.
By Anonymous
This is the most versatile class, its logical leveling up is more a matter of the level mobs and NPCs requirements rather what a classical build encourages you to prioritize as a specialized class
By Anonymous
No no no no, casuls please... Don't try to be a tough guy with deprived. Just pick warrior and use estoc XD
By Anonymous
But deprived is the fastest way to kill Gundyr.
By Anonymous
warrior doesn't even have estoc lol. assassin is the class that starts with estoc
By Anonymous
Deprived is great for new players. High stats, low level, cheap leveling with a large margin for error, good weapon with good weapon art and good shield move and it is easy to dodge with. Start Deprived, save souls and spend them on gearing up with chain armor. After that go kick some faces in.
By Anonymous
Naked, afraid and making us of what you find along the journey. This is the true way to start Dark Souls.
By Anonymous
By sousedloused
All I thinking of that show right now called, "Naked and Unafraid".

Interestingly, that show was all about survival against the elements. Dark Souls is more or less the same, doubly when you pick Deprived. The fun of starting off "Naked" in a sense, fighting horrific monsters to strengthen yourself and find whatever can get your hands on in terms of weapons, clothes, and supplies for your continued survival and protection.
By Anonymous
For optimization purposes, well… Hum, think carefully before choosing the deprived class. Because it is made only for very specific builds, and require a good planification to allocate the stats. Here an example : Anri's sword is know to be a pure LCK weapon, so we naturally think it will fit the thief class. BUT you need 10 STR, the deprived has them, the thief lack 1 point; you need 10 DEX, the deprived has them, but the thief has too much DEX (13), not Worth the poor scaling and you can neglect the faith scaling. Because notably of the too high dex of the thief, I would choose the deprived for a future optimization of a anri-build.
By Anonymous
Of course, the deprived class is also designed for low level builds and weapons with very low requirements.
By Anonymous
I’m English one more time
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