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Looks like assassin class will have the most options available to it from the start of new game.
AND the assassin has the estoc AKA best weapon in the game
Also, the assassin is also the "spookiest" class ;)
Wow, welcome to the pokey sword love page haha.
Intriguing that the assassin starts with the estoc, a weapon that has proved its worth in previous games, and quite long range.
Besides the original one in dark souls. That one kinda sucked.
His stats and gear reminds me the Noble class from Demon Soul. Both have light gear and a thrusting sword. And a catalyst.
He seems less OP but his overall stats are quite similar.
You mean the Royalty class?

Royalty starts at SL1. Assassin starts at SL10. That's a big difference if people are gonna be making SL1 runs.
I agree. If I remember correctly, the Noble also had the highest starting level, so these classes are very simular
It needs to go and burn in the jabroni pit.
I agree Red Magnus. No I am actually glad they made another well rounded class , now i can't wait till Tuesday.besides the deprived for dark souls 3.
I can foresee many speed runners loving this class simply for starting with fall control, AGermanSpy in particular.
Assumption validated, record all-bosses speed run starts as assassin.
a true prophet
What's the difference between thief and assassin ?
Steals from you you mean xD
One kills you, other steals you.
The assassin has higher attunement and intelligence, thief has high luck and both have high dexterity
Close one ☝️
Spookiest class NA.
I've been using an assassin since I first tried DS3. I kind of unintentionally steered it towards a quality build, but I do have to say the assassin makes a pretty decent quality build.
Pyro is better for a magic quality build, Knight is better for an average quality build.