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Curious if dual weapons will take up two weapon slots or just one. For example your left hand is reduced to only two active slots.
I watched a video on mercenary, and I think dual wielding is done through weapon arts.
Based on this video, it takes up one slot. When you go to two-handed, it goes to dual wield. Only takes up one slot on right hand, no left hand.
Good to know, thank you.
Seems dual wielding using diferent weapons is possible (without any special powerstance), with special dual weapons, they will occupy one slot (at least til now) and they also will have different moveset (you could also use one hand moveset)
i think it will take 2 slots
Strength isn't great, limited starting options in how you can fight, but that cuirass and the overall look of the character is excellent.
Most classes could use a bow or crossbow asap. Much more versatility with the skills from ranged weapons.


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Yeah, they claim ranged will be better, not seeing much starting ranged...
You can get a longbow as soon as you leave the tutorial.
There's actually a good amount of options for dex users in this game. If you're good enough, there's a guy you can fight outside of firelink who drops an uchigatana. And in the area after that, high wall of lothric, you can get a longbow with ten arrows.



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Just let it play like the Swordsman from DS2 but a tad faster and i'll be so very happy :)
After watching Oroboro destroy a group of four with the mana attack with the dual scimitars, I am definitely starting with this class.
Can you give a link?
I can't decide if I want to go a Mageblade build or Quality for my next run. The mercenary though has very balanced stats for either type of build; very cool!
I did it!
Should I use this if I'm just starting some guy told me I should use mercenery however I feel I should use the knight and play it safe yet the thief seems promise img if I use dexterity vigor and endurance and possibly vitilty but if I use knight or merc I could focus on strength as well so what should I go with

Daul wield has a much higher learning curve, but once you learn it, its just too effective to give up. Its up to oy
well I don't know how skilled you are in games or if you have previously played any DS.. but try classes and see what you like best.. you are gonna love the dual wielding and never use your shield again like another lad said in a comment.

Still it's not rocket science or stuff like that so just go on with the playstyle you like more.. Maybe you will die often in the beginning but as soon as you get the hang of it and go yolo and find your rhythm it's gonna keep you on the edge.


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You seem quite confused, so I will give you a simple answer and hope you can use it.

If you are new to the Souls genre, don't think too hard on what to play at first. Just choose a beginner class you think look cool, and then as you go and try out new weapons and get a feel for the game, you can always level up different stats, or make a new character.
Get a feel for how you like to play and enjoy the lore and the beautiful and frustrating challenging game :)
I myself am not really into R1 spamming, this particular starting class seems to have a lot of that( No i'm not a turtle, i prefer heavy 2 handed weapons)
for when i will make a dex "build" i'll pick this for sure.
Played the beta build, these scimitars could take you a long way from the get go(btw, apart from beta footage I'm 100% virgin, done bloody well to remain might i add haha:)
You want r1 spam? Try using the knight.
After trying this class... I can tell that this one is terrible to begin with.
The weapons struggle to do any damage to anything that is not a regular zombie, and you will feel miserable when fighting the first boss... while the Knight and the Warrior will make these fights piece of cake.

On an other hand, this armor is badass for sure...
Oh yeah, I beat him, don't worry about that. Then I tried a Str class. And it was sooo easy then. I recommend a str for any beginner, or for people playing with a mouse/keyboard :p
You struggled with the first boss?

Have you tried to git gud? Most people beat him on the first time :)
dude I bodied the first boss with this class git gud!


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Yeah, I started with Mercenary and first boss was a piece of cake, so I don't understand why he'd be horrible to start as. The class also allows you to use the Uchigatana immediately (once you kill the guy off to the left of Firelink), boosting damage. Then maybe put a few in strength or endurance so you can use the Deep Battle Axe and you're golden for Vordt of the Boreal Valley.
lol what? he is easy you just have to roll and stay behind him when he power ups I died 3-4 times but I took him down easily after that. And I used to play a str beast with *****loads of armor and heavy weapons/shield hardest.

Not only I didn't felt miserable but it felt great when I got rid of my habit to press L1 for shielding lol
I guess it depend who is playing him. But everyone I know that tried this class all agree that the tutorial boss is so ***** hard compared to other class that literaly pwn him.

Everyone experimented enough with the dark souls series should have no problem at all, but man... also yeah, Uchigatana right after the boss until you find a weapon that you love.
This is so bunk. You literally stay behind him and never get touched. Bad advice like this limits ppl from enjoying a variety of play styles