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it's like she is collecting the souls of the dead via the ashes. as if she is some kind of death god.
"What kind of grandmother sells a gift given to her?"

Uh, this lady would, have you met her? She's all about the souls. When she mentions that you need to get the soapstone so you can be summoned to other worlds, she starts giggling at how many souls you can bring her. She would straight up sell her own grandkid if she could.

In her dialogue on the soapstone, she does refer to the bit of "soppy gossip" that is "cordial intrusion layeth the path to embers," which is exactly what Sirris tells you. Interestingly, "gossip" can refer to the piece of information itself, or in archaic English (like the kind the handmaid uses), she could be referring derisively to Sirris herself. Slow down with those burns, handmaid.


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Uhh, “what kind of grandmother sells a gift given to her?” Corrrection, what GRAVE ROBBER sells such a valuable item for so little??
She sells regular Green Blossoms for 1000, and she sells a Blooming Green Blossom for 10? It's odd, even if she does value the gift little.
"So play the resurrector and give the dead some life."


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I need help i brought almost every umbral ash but the handmaid didnet stock up after dreamchaser ash what should i do ?is it a glitch or am i doing somthing wrong?
The Untended Graves and Firelink Shrine share bloodstains, messages, and even recoverable souls. I think they are physically the same place. There is a theory that when you first enter the Untended Graves, you are going back in time somehow. Which explains the shrine handmaid having a different intro if you speak to the one in UG first. It also explains why Gundir is in both places. And why his items refer to him being killed by "an unnamed warrior"... The Linking of the Fires is a ritual sacrifice which has been done many times. Gundir was the last poor fool intended as the sacrifice, before YOU. Things didn't go to plan, it seems...
In case someone didn't know, she has the same red robes as the Firekeepers in Dark Souls 2, meaning by extension either she is a former Firekeeper, or she stole the robes off of one of them
i’ve heard of a rumor about killing her 10 times makes her drop a special item that makes you able to trade spells with other players , is it true or just a fake rumor , i don’t want to make her prices 200% higher for testing
mano acabei de matar esse npc sem querer sera q é uma grande perda a ponto de eu dar NG+ eu esyou agora na capital profanado



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Also missing the Dreg Heap Stone Hags Ashes. They drop after Filanore.