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she's killable but every time you kill her she respawns and doubles the prices of her wares
also she drops nothing, so there isn't any incentive to kill her

her wares are all in this list (28 items)

in short, start equipment makes zero difference because she sells the halberd and a lot of better weapons from the get go
she also sells the chainmail sets (which has some decent stats overall)
talisman and staves.. and the basic spells/miracles

she also sells the mosses,embers and even repair powder

my best bet is to go deprived or cleric for the blunt damage weapon (we all know knights are weak vs Blunt and most of the game's enemies are armored)
and then get some decent weapon for crowd control like the halberd or the claymore
as for armor, you can either buy the chainmail, or pick the golden rusted coin as for the start, and farm the red knights (good armor, and looks great)

for magic, if you go deprived and get the club, it has an amazing battle art that smashes everything in it's path so i'm more leaning towards that.
if you go cleric, you have a chime, therefore, you can charge up your spells (both offensive and defensive)

going cleric is also useful if you plan to use coop (but don't go over-board you casual!)

and that's about that.. remember to pump stats into all the stats equally (don't forget luck if you intend to farm for shards)
and do remember, praise the sun!
"Starting Equipment makes zero difference"

Not exactly, you are kind of required to fight the first boss with the starting equipment. Zero difference is not a fair gauge, as it makes a difference, if only a minor one.



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...from Things Betwixt in Dark Souls 2 or related in some way? All I care about is if the ladle returns and that I can somehow obtain one from her.
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I believe Lordran and Drangleic were 2 kingdoms that were once at war started by the queen in DS2. I dont think theres enough geographical similarities for them to be the same area but theres some characters and items that could have traveled across the sea during the war, the existence of firekeepers shouldnt suggest its Drangleic as they would have to be all over the world tending to the flame.
And you also find Giligan dead in the Profaned Capital. Not to mention the location you find him in looks like the ruins of where the Throne of Want used to be.
She is un-named, according to some lore diggers, she is one of the three crones in things betwixt (as there is 3 of them in DS3, however Emma is in reference to the one without a name from Dark Souls 2, or the 4th crone "kind old dear" that you only see in the cutscene, and one is apparently a corpse/grave). Milibeth, however, is not referenced by any rumor so far from DS3, the actual source of the ladle in DS2.

That's all rumor mill though.
U r wrong read the cat ring description, ds2 is long before ds3.
Very unlikely, DS3 placed in the near future after DS1, while DS2 is a very long time after DS1/DS3. Proof of this can be the fact that Lordran hasn't fully crambled yet (as Anor Londo still stands) whilst on DS2 its literally a completely new area. Also, the Leo ring is very worn out in DS2 ("old" leo ring) whilst on DS3 you can still distinguish it's plating.
i hope so
DkS3 is definitely set after DkS2. Lucatiel and Vendrick are directly referenced as being from the past, and Drangleic itself is said to have crumbled. There is no way DkS3 is set before DkS2.
Where are the dream ashes? I need them so hand Maid can sell me the composite bow, pls halp
Dreamchaser's Ashes? They're in the Fallon Keep, specifically the Wolf's bonfire, behind an illusory wall.
how are unlocks buy help find?



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Use the Ashes page to help you find what to give her.
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i see thank fex
When giving her the dream ashes she asks you where you found them. You then get the option to tell her or to lie. Why's that?
So can anyone actually tell us the results or consequences of telling her where you found the ash?
I told her, nothing special happened.
They seem to have some importance to them, as finding them advances siriss' quest line. maybe it will be a lore thing?
I told her... and she laughed at me, then, nothing happened.......
I chose to say nothing, what happens if you tell her?
I dont dare to tell her where I found them, just look what happened to that curious pyromancy trainer in DS1 who asked where you found one cool pyromancy. He *****ing left Shrine and went to suicide in blighttown.
It's part of Sirris' quest-line, after you first meet her in Firelink Shrine you show the ashes to the Shrinemaid which progresses Sirris' quest line (Sirris shows back up at Firelink shrine when you reload or teleport to another area and back again)

And no it does not effect the quest in any way if you tell her where the ashes came from or say nothing of it
Just got done with a long and fruitful session of DS3. Made it to the catacombs... Went back and was checking to see what new items I would get from the new ash and bam, my controller slipped, fell to the ground, and she was destroyed in one hit. I didn't mean to... Really I didn't.
No problem, she'll respawn, but she'll increase the prices on her stuff. You can also repent your sins and she'll back with her usual prices.
was testing my newly enhanced whip, and discovered the whip has better then expected range...........poor handmaid
I feel you my Brother, Same thing has happened to me in other souls games.
After obtaining paladin's ashes infinite purple Moss clump can be purchased.
i mess all?
she dont sell me nothing anymore...
just hahaha.........
and now?
You can try to absolve the sin from the Velka statue. Otherwise, you're going to have to wait until the next game cycle.
Need Irina's Ashes and the wares in the list