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There is a set you can obtain from the Knights on the High wall of Lothric, It seems that the Knights were recruited and trained to tame and slay Dragons.
Originally to slay them, then to tame then, hence the Nameless King and how he rides a dragon.
The chain set is missing,it is confirmed to be in the game. It is sold by they hag merchant in Firelink Shrine.
Why is the Fluted Armor Set listed? I have not seen any proof this is in the game.
feel dark souls 1 is armor Back icons
Will armor be upgradable? And if so, up to what levels? Definately adds to the rpg when you can improve items.
You can find the armor, gloves and leggings in a tower after you beat the Taurus Demon miniboss in the Undead Settlement.
i didnt find lucatiels armor in the tower after the miniboss fight with sigward, only some misc items and flynns ring
You have to drop down from the top of the building with Flynn's Ring onto a platform and then onto a tower. Also at the bottom is the Cloranthy Ring.
This set is missing and confirmed to be in the game a few streamers have got pieces of it as Drops



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They're random drops from the silver and black knights
My favorite armour from ds1. It was heavy but saved my life countless times.
nah bro its the Alva Armour set in DS 2
Who posted it? that was my favorite armor set in ds1 and I'd like to know where it's at.
It's confirmed in the game, I watched someone get the whole set

its firelink-armor from one of the bosses
But why does the amor make it look like the dark wraith almost drown- Oh, nevermind...
i went to the tower after the mini boss with sigvard but i only found a few misc items and flynns ring, i want Lucatiels set but i couldnt find it
Watch Gamespot's video there are some new armor sets there