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Changed knwon to known
i wonder how much they stagger on each hit...
Thanks. Finally someone shows it off.
drang stands for drangleic?
holy ***** dude it probably does i never realized that
I thought it stands for New Londo?
I killed the 2 npcs, but when I killed the second, the giant killed me at the same time. So I haven't received the twinspears :(

Is there any other way to get it?
They will be on the ground. I had to go back for got mine because the first guy only drops it AFTER both are killed I guess
I have it ^^
So how do you find these lovely weapons. I really want to use them!


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Drops from one of the two Drang Knights you fight after you defeat the Pontiff boss in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. The one wielding them will drop them.
As far as I can tell if you duel wield them the third strike staggers on most medium sized enemies
regular: 200 base damage D strength C dexterity
chaos: 100 physical 130 fire D strength C dexterity B int B faith. (dark should be the same)
blessed: 130 physical D strength C dexterity A faith
lightning: 95 physical 130 lightning D strength D dexterity (FeelsBad) A faith
this is all +10