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What if u only got 3 dark sigils then yoel dies?
You dun f'ed up then, Ay-Ay Ron
You killed the abyss watchers before getting the last two sigils
is this affect current player levels?, if i run a sl120 character, would it be 125?
With a hollow-infused weapon, you gain 5 luck.
"With a hollow-infused weapon, you gain 5 luck" completely missed the question, lol the correct answer to this comment is: "yes"
The buff does not affect your soul level, it's like wearing the knight ring/etc but for luck.
So, if I'm not completely dumb, being hollow means not much in terms of gameplay. Only useful for the ending, the hollows weapons's damages and the Yuria's quest line? That's it?
Pretty much. Being hollow means absolutely nothing in terms of negative repercussions. The only "downside" is that your character looks like chewed-and-spit-out beef jerky, but if that doesn't bother you, then there is literally no reason to not always be hollow. 5 free levels on every NG+, Hollow weapons get a slight damage boost from the related luck buff, you can get the Hollow ending, etc. And since hollowing level doesn't reset on NG+, you don't even need to kill yourself to regain hollowing levels to get the 5 free levels on each run. Just walk up to Yoel, smack on those free levels, and go on with your day. You'd think there would be some kind of downside, but nope, just the aesthetic change that usually doesn't matter anyway for most characters being clad in armor. At most, your character might take more damage from hollowed weapons in PVP since they deal more damage to hollowed enemies, but I've yet to see anyone actually claim or prove this, so this might not even be true. And even if it is, it's a fairly uncommon situation to find yourself in, anyway.
some enemies deal more damage to hollows so if you are a hollow you may take slightly more damage. nothing major i think...
if i go to ng+ will i be able to get 5 more levels from yoel or is that a one-time thing?
you can still get them since it's a new adventure and characters don't know you



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Real shame they couldn't put more thought into this; would've been great if they'd turned this feature into something akin to Bloodborne's Insight or Demon's Souls' World and Character Tendency, but I guess FromSoft can only find inspiration under the auspices of Allfather Sony.
Rip ahri i feel sad for her and her companion
Not sad enough to spell “her” name correctly.
Nowhere in this entire article, does it specify if Hollowing actually does anything. Who the ***** writes this?
It literally just makes you look more like beef jerky the more hollowed you are and gives hollow-infused weapons/shields a luck bonus at 15+ hollowing.
Seriously. Pretty important tidbit of information that was just completely left out.
unlike other dark souls games, hollowing doesn't have any downsides besides making you look very dehidrated and your icon next to the healthbar is not so pretty. if you don't care about how the character looks naked you are better being hollowed because the luck is boosted with hollow weapons.
Hollowing does pretty much nothing and does not negatively impact you, besides making your character look like a stick of beef jerky or something you'd buy for your pet to chew on. The only impact it has is on Yuria's questline. If you get the free levels from Yoel, and then cure the dark sigil, the quest will end. Yuria will leave if you do not kill her before leaving firelink shrine when you cure it. This means you will not be able to get Darkrift or her Armor for that play through. Therefore, be sure to buy any items and kill her when you cure the dark sigil as they will not be available again until new game+. However, hollowing does not have an effect on any other questline. Alternatively, at 15+ Hollowing, hollow infused weapons and shields will provide +5 Luck, which is the primary damage stat hollow weapons scale with. This bonus is only applicable if the weapon is equipped, or visible on the character. For example: a sword and shield hollow infused will give +10 luck, whether you have one in each hand, or are two handing the sword with the shield on your back. However, filling the rest of your weapon slots with hollow infused daggers will not get you an extra 20 luck. Only the current weapon in each hand counts. So don't screw yourself on the bonuses by wielding one large weapon with nothing in the other hand.
uh, mate, you really don't get the point...
And what is the point to get?
Curing the sigil is a complete waste of souls, just commit to getting the bad end for that NG, start a NG+, and you don't have to worry about hollowing ever again because you'll lose your sigils for free at the start of the NG+ Unless you LIKE paying 2m souls for nothing
It's only 2m if you do it late game. It's costs as many souls as your next five levels so doing it early is cheaper. Why bother doing it early? No more wrinklies and if you kill yuroa you can still buy her items.