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(sorrt ik im a noob but) why bother with removing hollowing? i dont see the point as there arent any clear punishments for being hollow


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Two words "fasion souls"
I was about to say the same thing lol
I'm pretty sure you take more damage from some enemy's when hollow
If you became the "dark lord" by sacrificing Anri you can no longer get the "linking the flame" ending. If you want that you need to remove hollowing. the more common reason though is to revert your ugly look to normal.
You do not have any negative effects as a hollow.
I don’t have a hollowing count and can’t get my free levels from Yoel does anyone know why this is happening and how to get my levels?
you need to die. 2 times for each free level up. go up in the shrine. there you will find the bloodstaines of your predecessors.
how do i get more hollowing points?
and can i only have 5 levels?
Yes, you only get 5 levels from Yoel. You can attain 3 more hollowing levels by following his and then Yuria's questlines.
What if I won't progress Yuria's questline and just keep being hollow, link the flame and then just use purging stone in NG+?
going into the next ng will remove the dark sigils, as they are marked as "key items"
I CAN'T GO HOLLOW NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I DIE for some reason all my dark sigils go in my storage and now I can't go hollow
have you tried getting them from your storage?
What happens when you become hollow, does it do anything bad? Or is it just cosmetic?



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It's mainly cosmetic but it does increase your luck stat, make you deal more damage with some weapons, take more damage from some enemies, and allows you to do certain quests differently.
MrSrgsnowman is incorrect. A Hollow can take advantage of Hollow Gem infusions that can benefit from a high luck stat. And one of the endings requires the player to be a hollow among other things.
@MrSrgsnowman you take more damage from some enemies??? how do you know that? have you tested it?
@ the person who asked how u take more dmg from some enemies by being hallowed, its because some enemies like lothric knights (i think) have weapons that deal more damage to hallowed targets, like the soul transfusion GS from curse rotted greatwood.
Is it just me or does Hollowing look really cool if your wearing knightish armour
Well duhhh.. this IS dark soul
Quick question: does hollowing your character affect the story at all? I really like the look but I don’t want to mess up the game.
No, but it's used for the usurpation of fire ending .
dark souls doesn't have a story. you can **** up certain character quests, and stuff like that, but the game has no real story because everything in the game is vague, and meant to be interpreted by the player their own unique view point.
My hollowing is at 56, is that a bad thing
Depends what your trying to do. If you have hallow weapon and high luck just keep on going
I have 99 hollowing so you good
Wasn't the brand original a trick of Gwyn to suck humans dry of humanity to feed the flame? Beside the "chosen one mechanic"? Now it's all let the hero make his noble sacrifice and let the sun shine...but you do realise that this will produce more armys of living corpses right? That the flame will continue to suck out humanity of humans? The reason why there were so many heated discussion in DS1? If or if not the dark lord ending is a bad one or not? Because keeping the flame burning was a very questionable decision, too. It came with a very high price for humanity!
I think the Dark lord ending is supposed to be vague. It could be good in that we broke the world out of the cycles of Fire and Dark, but bad in that no one knows what will happen to the world now. Also, Gwyns trickery is still effecting people. The people of this cycle believe a sacrifice to kindle the Flame is still a noble and good thing, when really Gwyn only made it seem so.
Is that you Vaati?