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Does it matter in any way other than being a cool little RP thing, choosing to be an Undead? (I.E. Reducing health after subsequent deaths)
I believe that your max health stays the same. The only way to increase your max health is via the consumption of the EMBER item(x 1.4 HP) Otherwise it remains normal at all times.
Knowing dark souls there will probably be bits of Lore attached to being Hollow or curing hollowing
I believe it just changes your ingame appearance from fairly healthy to the dark souls hollow look
there is an item called the purging stone you use to reverse hollowing.. i dont think healing the dark sigil has much to do with hollowing since i just payed 300k souls in ng+ to heal it and nothing happened still was level 99 hollow.. i think healing the dark sigil has something todo with a quest line maybe.
I'm not sure, I just don't want to kill him if it can be avoided.
I think healing it stops you hollowing further and purging stones reset your hollowing level
This Wiki page isn't completely clear. The fire keeper soul cures the dark sigil, stopping the player from hollowing further.

Purging stones reverse hollowing, turning the player back to human appearance. However, if the player still has the dark sigil, they will hollow upon the next death (tested with my game, anyways).

So the best thing to do is buy a purging stone from the witch/have a purging stone in inventory, cure the dark sigil, and then pop the purging stone. Note that if you plan on buying the purging stone, you absolutely must do this before curing the dark sigil or the witch will stop talking to you and leave.
Instead of using a purging stone, you can cure it by praying at the statue of the goddess of sin, to the right of the dilapidated bridge BF, through the door in the sewers. (Buy the key from the shrine maiden)
Thanks, awesome update!
I believe hollowing will have to do with how easily you're able to connect with others online; it seems that the picture of your covenant becomes more prominent the less hollow you are... /shrug, we'll see.
Not true
Anyone know how to get the skeleton face appearance?
Who offers that request? I would guess it would be the lady who takes the place of Yoel, thanks for the info ill try that out!
I'm trying to figure this out now... interestingly enough in NG+ you have the option of "request dissolution" which i'm guessing is the equivalent of a divorce. I'm thinking that if the marriage carries over to NG+, maybe somehow in this play through I will be able to obtain "100" hollowing.
the godess of sin can reverse your hollowing for cheaper then a purging stone
If you aim for the "Usurp the Fire" ending, do NOT heal the sigil, at all. Instead of stopping your hollowing, it basically removes the stat, and bars you from obtaining another sigil.
In the Profane Capital, I've already found about five purging stones. I'm unsure the downside of Hollowing, though.
I saw someone say the health goes down when hollowed and subsequent dying, but this says it doesn't? Is there health bar depletion after deaths or not? I guess I'll be playing later today anyway, just seemed weird I saw two seemingly contradictory things, but it's at least a hundred percent possible I just don't know what I'm talking about
The instructions book says you lose health after every death right from the start
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