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By Anonymous
This armor right here if you're wondering is the Champion of ash armor in the dark souls 3 front cover of the box for the game
By Anonymous
The main character is called the red knight
By Anonymous
no the character is the soul of cinder. Last boss, which is the souls of all the people that have linked the fire.
By Anonymous
Firelink armor is front cover one.
By Anonymous
Eh no, it clearly isn't, the armor on the cover is not covered in a hooded robe.
By Anonymous
YA noob, this is like, the opposite of the fire link armor, this stuff actually looks cool.
By Anonymous
Fallen Knight + Katana = Super Hot
By Anonymous
time moves when you move?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The best fashionsouls set so far.
By Redmoon383
I didn't care for th wolf knight set too much myself. This set though I love th cloth physics mostly. And the black color scheme,. But mainly the cloth physics. I'm a sucker for good capes and cloth physics blowing in the wind. I would stand at Majula just looking at the cloth physics in number 2. I wish there was a good capes set that had good defenses :'(
By Anonymous
You clearly have not seen artorias's armor yet. It's called the wolf knight armor in this game, look it up.
By Anonymous
if youre 12 that is
By Anonymous
...a favorite of mine, might pair it with a dual axe or dual straightsword weapon.
By Anonymous
Dont really wanna do great weapons this time around, but thanks for the suggestion ;3
By Anonymous
Nah go great axe or curved ultra great sword
By Anonymous
When i find this armor i am going to wear it all the time, favorite set so far.
By Anonymous
It's my favorite set too, I rarely switched it out on my first playthrough. Really good defense for it's weight too
By Anonymous
Someone please get a picture of this armour so we may all drool over it!
By Anonymous
Until then there is a IGN video where they show of some armour sets, including this one.
By Anonymous
The set ever so slightly reminds me of the Yhargul set in Bloodborne, mostly because there is a helmet under a hood in this set and because they have rangy clothing.
By Anonymous
Is there an actual specific answer besides by a giant crab? that could be anywhere? to the left, right, straight ahead, any actual specific location?
By Anonymous
Its on a body at the edge of the of the lake with the giant crabs, right in front of the stone gateway that two hostile NPCs ambush you at.
By Anonymous
"Left, right, straight ahead; there's no way out, you're dead.You're in the labyrinth! " -OOMPH!, Labyrinth
By Anonymous
Alright, thank you for the information, at first I was very confused because it could of been anywhere, but now I know what to look out for.
By Anonymous
this is drakeblood armor
By Anonymous
It looks like Drake blood armour that was thrashed, maybe a survivor from the invasion and massacre.
By Anonymous
holy hell, i think your right. nice job vaati 2.0
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