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By Anonymous
I only listen Linkin Park when I'm doin ur Mom! Which means? I listen to Linkin Park all the time!
By Anonymous
Wow people are seriously trying to defend the edgy armor? What got Linkin Park playing while doing your "super duper elite pvp" which we all know is rolly polly R1 spam with a straight sword.
By Anonymous
How else would you swing a sword? It's better to look at than most armor you find for a while and it fits the world, lot of enemies wearing hoods.
By Anonymous
Bro it's an armor set, calm your tits, sounds like you get your *** kicked often
By Anonymous
This and irthyll ss with shield of want= casul ahead
By Anonymous
That's me tho
By Anonymous
So true…
By Anonymous
how the hell did you find my first playthrough?
By Anonymous
It's too bad experienced players are such TURDS all they can do is put down new/casual players because, what? They have jobs, families, lives? "Oh, woe is me that has to judge other people because they can't sit around with a headset on an pick my nose"! Poor SOULS!
By Anonymous
There is a difference between experience player and troll.
This is actually one of the better sets in the game due to its light weight and resistances.
As someone who would not be considered "casul" I use pieces of this set in certain builds.
Gotta not take the trolls too seriously, they may be loud, but they aren't really the majority of the community.
By Anonymous
bro you just posted cringe, both of you.
By Anonymous
You know, there are experienced players with jobs, families and lives.
Casual player are people who just suck at the game (like shield of want, this armor set and any straight sword). That doesn‘t take into account how long you‘ve been playing. Some people get good as soon as they start the gam. :P
By Anonymous
Cool set, but will forever be famous for being worn by R1 spamming new players lol
By Anonymous
How else do you swing a sword?
By Anonymous
Let people enjoy sets
By Anonymous
Completely agree with this
By Anonymous
The set+irithryll ss+grass shield=Dark Souls3 starter pack
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Pretty much. Then they get the pkcs and they find out how to point down and then it becomes the deluxe starter pack
By Anonymous
The crest shield is where it's at
By Anonymous
grass-crest shield is legit awesome. don't know why everyone is so mad at straight sword, grass crest, OR this set either
By Anonymous
It’s a shame that this armor is associated with trash casuals who barely know how to play the game. It’s fairly viable armor and looks pretty cool.
By Anonymous
Eat trash, casul
By Anonymous
I've been using this armor for... Quite a while, actually (since my first ng) and I recently tried to mix it with other sets, for now I've only stopped for 2 pieces (helm with the billed mask and torso with the fallen knight) but i can't choose any gauntlets nor trousers, so do you guys have an idea ?
By Anonymous
I love using gloves and legging from Milwood set, the colours also dark with a bit of gold goes well with fallen’s torso and helm.
By Anonymous
I think whatever asshat that wrote the tips section is a mite bit salty...
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