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This sword is beautiful, and many of the armour sets so far look amazing. I can't wait for DS3 to come out.
lol just the other day i read a comment about someone complaining that all the armour sets look dull and boring xD
Can these frostbite weapons be infused? Anyone yet confirmed that?
It can't be infused



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Confirmed: Can NOT be Infused or Buffed.



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I'll have to check if they can be infused, I know for sure they can't be buffed with resin
Which build for this weapon?
Tried it out, they can't. At least this one can't.
Drop chance might be really high, but not 100%... Can anybody else confirm?
If the "Monster" does not respawn, it's 100% drop. I've received this each time a new character kills it. Yours probably bugged out.
Im sure the drop chance is 100% for the knight at the bottom of the tower right before the first road of sarcifices bonfire.
I got it.
Not actually even a "drop" I think. After killing him you get a little window telling you you just received the item. If you're rolling or something right after you might have removed the prompt quickly and not seen it.
Yeah... not really sure why I didn't get it. Might have been a bug.
Every time I equip it in the Firelink Shrine it crashes the game after I walk around for a little.
Sounds like a "you" problem, fam.
I've been using it for hours, no trouble here.
Same happens here, at any bonfire. I'm on a 760.


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Its not the weapon, there is a bug around bonfires causing players to crash, temp fix is to reduce lighting quality to low.
dont get it from the knight... any other chance to get this masterpiece ?
Strange, I believe this sword has a 100% drop rate after defeating that ice knight.


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When I lured him into the elevator pit, it was an automatic drop. I don't believe there's another way to get the sword at this point.
And so full of misinformation for ALL From games??
please specify, what here is incorrect? I'm sure everyone would like to know
I got it from the bottom of the elevator shaft, so drop rate probably isn't 100%
that outrider knight drops the irithyll straight sword every time, and nothing else can drop it
Is this ***** the new drake sword? Everybody uses it.
Astora straight sword is more effective.
Drake sword has no scaling. This one does.
The new drake sword is the deep axe, 12 str 12 dex requirement and found at high wall, under the dragon in a mimic box

Raw astora is 10x stronger