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have you ever played dragon age inquisition it was a bit obscure and not everyone would have noticed it but there was a spell and at the touch of a buttuon the player could do a perfect melee block if they were skillfull enough, l do kendo and this had very realistic timing, your block with a sword in dark souls 2 is too precise like the one in darksiders and unfun ,maybe for dark souls four hey. l could throw away the shield .
So... Parry is a special skill, and special skills consume FP, FP is increased by attunement... That means there is a limit to how many times you can parry/riposte before you run out of FP? I really don't like that if it's true. Seems character stats are more important than individual skill in this iteration.
Don't worry, only the weapons special skills use fp, you can parry as much as you want
Nachtrag: Wenn ein Gegner durch mehrere Schläge ins straucheln gerät, kann er frontal gefinisht werden.
OK wait a minet 2601 I say ther will be was to get ur magic back easyer ways then going to the bomfier or poshen may be their will be like weapon effect s so on I hope these boss weapons argon
i didnt even understand a single thing of what you just said
Argon, hmph, them noble gassy pigs are so up themselves.
I thought the O bottom was to dash dodge and the X bottom to interact. If it's the same as the previous games they should edit that.



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It's both. Asian versions use circle, western versions X
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Are you sure? I have the western version on PC using a PS3 controller, and my default dodge button is circle.
Does two handing a weapon increase your effective strength by 1.5 times like in DS1, or by 2 times like in DS2?



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Sad doggo
Can someone please confirm to me that they didn't just throw the *****ing Power Stance out of the Game ? I loved that, it was the best part in Dark Souls two and it's abstinence was a huge dissappointment for me in Dark Souls one (Holding two swords basically pointless back then). Did they reall throw it out again ? O.o
no but you can use special attacks with weapons in left hand. honestly its a pretty nice replacement
there are some weapons that can be powerstanced i believe, but the ds2 power stance doesn't exist anymore
Some enemies can be attacked during certain animations to trigger a Riposte style stun state during which you can perform a Bloodborne style Visceral Attack. Try experimenting!


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Can you give an example of one such enemy?
Giant Crystal Lizards, for one. I've had this happen to me as well, but I don't think it's timing. I'm not completely sure what triggers it.
Just wondering if two handing still causes you to have 1.5x strength and also wondering if dual wielding weapons like the drang twinspears and twinhammers give the same bonus when dual wielding.