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If this is indeed Solaire's armour from the first game and it does return, expect to see me running around in it.
Brothers and sisters praise the incandescent glorious warm sun. May the suns light guide your righteous path to victory.
Boi u got da wrong place, dis is lothric, the land where the fire is almost about to die out. we aint got time to praise a tiny bit of light, in here we praise da trees and ancient dragons.
And the r1 spam.
And we praise da earf
No...Praise the ash!
you guys are funn xDD :)
Perhaps we will encounter other sunlight warriors whom followed Solaire. If this is Solaire's armor this means he didn't die in the first game, at least until after the fight with the final boss. =) Praise the sun! \[+]/ <-- this is solaire.


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We have the armor, the sword, and the talisman... Now where is that iconic shield?
in the dragon level, the bell ringing ladys drop their staffs, farm a staff and give it to the crows for the shield
I've been thinking the same.
My friend refuses to read a single thing about the game. When this game releases, I'll refuse to play with him until I get the set, and I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees his friend randomly donning the armor of his waifu.
they don't seem to have really updated this set to look better, like they did the other sets from dark souls. its seems like they just copy pasted it.
It's because Solaire hand-painted his torso, hence its low-quality.
This armor is one of the more known armors with firelink greatsword and moonlight for weapons. I think its better if they really havent hd versioned that armor for nostalgic feel
I kind of like that though. Like they made the textures look sharper and other similar things, but I (and maybe many others) prefer it to look as it did in the first game. *SPOILERS* Ornstein and Smough's set look the same as well. but they still look really good.
If solaire indeed made it to the final boss as miyazaki says he likes to believe happens when you follow his quest in a way that he survives, then perhaps upon reaching the kiln and killing his father, rather than linking the flame or abandonning it, he used his fathers soul to restore his own godly powers and found his stormdrake on the fringes of existance, it would explain both solaire himself not being in the game despite miyazaki saying that he lights the flame even though his armor is, and it would explain how the nameless king got his hands on gwyns crown and has such a similar fighting style to solaire of balls to the wall all or nothing fights.


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the nameless king just isn't solair though xD
The armor of an acient warrior of the sun who pressed others to join him in his quest for jolly co-operation and friendship who would pne day light the flame himself after lending aid to so many others, only to then dissapear as if he had never really been there at all, casting down his mortal coil and taking his place as the first born son of the first lord of light and flame, and seeking out an ancient ally at the edge of the world to once again reign as king and god over war itself from atop his eldest of friends, a dragon known as the storm drake.
" such a similar fighting style to solaire "

.... What?
That's a no for me dawg, solaire came from astora and is a human. Not a god like the Nameless king or Gwyn
The only hang up is gonna be the seed of a tree, that should be easy to get long as you have a friend willing to use three or four cracked eyes on you. The rest you should be able to get in roughly an hour and a half if you drag your feet while rushing it and maybe 45 minutes for those who know their way around
I dont know when it is availabe, but there is a giant tree at firelink shire. just pick that up ;)
seeds work the same as they did previously. every time you kill an invader even an Nov one spawns