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By Anonymous
I think i talked to all NPCs in the game
By Anonymous
This list doesn't include the NPC you talk to at the entrance of Ashes of Ariandel, or the NPC at the very beginning of the Ringed City, after the winged demons drop you down
By Anonymous
The locust preacher is the one who talks to you in the ringed city and its in this list.
By Anonymous
So hard that every NPC’s questlines are easily missed by, especially for new players.
By Anonymous
Like in every Dark Souls game. That's the point of this game : Will
you challenge again this world in a new and even worse cycle, in order to save your favorite NPC ?
For saving Solaire and Siegmeyer I did it, again and again until I fully understand their stories.
By Anonymous
Not really, the main point of the game is still the challenging combat. Next to lore, of course. The lore of Dark Souls is extremely subtle, lots of time you need to discover the lore by looking at world design, enemy and boss design, item description and sometimes npcs. And the players fill in the blanks of the lore. So new players do miss npcs, but they missed analysing other stuff as well.
By Anonymous
Agreed, I've played both other souls games and Sekiro, and among all of them DS3 has the most convoluted, confusing and easy-to-miss NPC quests. If you want to experience the game by yourself, as most players will want to, chances are you will miss half if not every side quest in the game. I went into DS3 blind (but with experience from DS1 and 2), and by the end, the only quest I completed was hawkwood's. Siegward was in the well the whole game, greirat died in irtythill and I didn't even notice, I didn't even bring the pyromancer and orbeck into firelink.

There's SO MUCH ******* that messes up quests in this game that you would only know if you checked a wiki, no player is going to know that on their own. Eg: giving rosaria a pale tongue completely cancels sirris' entire quest, you have to AVOID progressing siegward's quest to progress Greirat's, giving the blind priestess a BRAILLE TOME FOR BLIND PEOPLE will ruin her quest, etc.
By Anonymous
NPC quests in dark souls games have no logic. They all required players trial n error thru multiple playthrough to know the jest of it. Either these are purposely trolling or the one who planned these quests are really lousy in the job.
I googled for all the answers. Thanks to all the fanboys lab rats who tested all these quests out.
By Anonymous
Velka is NOT an NPC. It’s a statue! Plus you missed 4 or 5 other that are!
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