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Why I can't be summoned as blue sentinels. Is it because my weapon isn't string enough???
Can no one read? This covenant and Blades of the Darkmoon share ranks and get the exact same token rewards. You should be upset that there are two covenants in the game that are literally the exact same in every way but name and location.

Why take away the blue eye orb and then just make Darkmoon's the exact same as Sentinels, Fromsoft? This is ridiculous.
You do realize that the blue eye orb allows for you to invade people who've invaded other people quite a lot right?
Why is this bothering you? What is the point of the blue orb? Just use the red eye orb. You can switch covenants on the fly.
The point of the blue eye orb is to invade people who actually deserve it.
seriously? deserve it? you are probably invading the same people anyway.
This page says that you, at a minimum, have to be ten levels higher than the host, but at the same time, thirty levels lower. How does that work?
are you serious?


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It's saying that you CAN be ten levels higher/thirty levels lower than the host. That's the level range. So if you're level 60, you can be summoned from a host of a range of level 30-70.
50 hours across 3 characters...and I've never been summoned by Broken Sentinels or the Blundermoon Covs. ***** you From, you not only made 2 useless covenants but you also did this for two games in a row.
check your game, I had no problem in to be sumoned
My friends have had this problem, I have not however and have been summoned well over 50 times. Dunno
We need the community to start basing pvp around the blue sentinels and the way of the blue. Have someone use the dried fingers and begin getting invaded while he is in the way of the blue. Then wham, Blue Sentinels to the rescue
Actually I've been playing in the Way of the Blue for the whole evening, I just started my NG+ playthrough and decided, since blue bros look like they need help, to do this playthrough while under the effect of the dried finger as often as possible ! This is actually really fun, merciless PVP action and killing ! Furthermore, as a host everytime a Red Phantom dies (or Mad Phantom) you get 2 normal and cinder Estus !
A really good way to have fun an play through the game, I've had up to 1 blue, 1 white and 2 reds + 1 pink phantoms at the same time, I encourage you guys to try this out !
man im way of blue all the time blue sentinels are my boys!!
Yeah. But honestly who wants to play a Way of the Blue member?
hope this helps you guys =D
Why is this down voted so much? Wtf?
because everyone knows how to do it and it takes hours to get 30 of them.
I think the worst thing about trying to be Sentinel/Darkmoon is that nearly every time I've been summoned to help, the invader just leaves and I get returned with nothing achieved but wasted time. My mere presence drove off the invader, I should still get something out of it, especially when you only get summoned once an hour
I've found that if the host enters the boss fog, that you will get rewarded. I've added this to the wiki page as well as the darkmoon cov page since they work the same.
So, i am sick of being invaded. I use way of the blue usually to help dispatch invaders. I wish to help people amen they are invaded... Specifically in the farron area. What soul level max should i be to get summoned? I hace be en sitting here for an hour ir more and have yet to be summoned or invaded. Last Night i was invaded constantly for hours... I dont understand this at all.
Way of the blue doesn't get you summoned, it brings blue sentinel players to help you if you are invaded.
Seems like PC users are having less of a hard time with matchmaking for the covenants me neither my friends on PlayStation have been summoned for either covenant so hope they fix this in their update.
None of that "auto-summon" covenants are working for me on PC. Always get bursted by 2 farrons stupid dogs on farron keep or 2 aldrich *****es on cathedral, but when I enter that covenants, just the icon blinks and I never got a sumon, level 81 and 55h now
If you put a summon sign in front of a boss room and the host enter the fight, does that get you the reward? (I know that's kinda troll but it's really hard to get summoned by way of blues.)
The Blue Sentinels don't have summon signs. They are automatically summoned at set spawn points.