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Perhaps, it's called Darkmoon Knights (source Moonlight Arrow)




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I have actually seen the name Blue Sentinels on the Way of Blue description. Perhaps there is another Covenant that is Darkmoon Knights though.
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If the only way to runk up in this covenant is to defend the Way of Blue members no one will join them. In DS2 it was impossible to max out cov in this way, but U had other ways to do it. I didn`t see anyone who found blue eye orb and there are no dueling arenas in DS3.
It seems to work moreso this time around. I feel like the way they could have done this better is that by equipping the covenant you will autmatically be summoned to invade sinners, but first could prioritize aiding way of blue members.
Anyone know what you get for helping the host?
I'm sure there's a specific reward, but I guarantee the best part of it is the fun of the variation in pvp choices.


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The covenats are completely screwed this time. Not only we have two forestbros, we have darkmoons-who-can-invade-sinners and darkmoons-who-cannot-invade-sinners. It's utter madness.
It's equippable, so I fail to see your point.
The point is that before Blue Sentinels couldnt do *****, now they can do only 50% of it.
So pretend its not there. No need to whine.



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I have been summoned ONCE, of all of my characters and accounts since March 23rd, for both covenants, and I have close to 200 hours total in the game. According to the statue of Velka I am NOT cursed, I am WITHOUT sin.

My one character who managed to get summoned that ONE time did not ever get hollow. That is the one and only difference.

And I doubt all the blue players who join oh so many invasions that I make over all level ranges stay unhollowed.. or do they?



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Made a new character, SL20, gave it 15 minutes each matching mode on PS4 of waiting times each zone and part of the zone, nothing. Upgraded the weapon to +1, continued nothing. Remembered I had a non-hollow SL50 lying around, no auto-bluesummons there either, but plenty of summon signs and invasions!

Bring on patch 1.04
Man, the online play only was allowed when the game ACTUALLY realeased, not before, i have been 1 hour on the blue sentinels and i have been summoned +6 times
The games been out for a day though...
Because nofuknbody plays as a Way of the Blue covenant member.
Yeah man same here on PS4 I'v been summoned once throughout my 20 hour playthrough its a joke.
Been playing 3 hours with this equipped, been summoned 4 times. It works well. The rewards dont seem great though.


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I've never been summoned
Will a Blue Sentinel be summoned to my aid if I myself summon a Mound Maker?
Nope, you have to be invaded, summoning a mad phantom is voluntary
I got summoned once and the host sent me to my world GOOD JOB HOST GOOD JOB
I hear you, fellow ashen one. The ones who send you back the second after they summoned you are the real Mad Spirits, not the Mound-Makers. I will never understand these people...
Why are the rank rewards in the Blue Sentinels the same as the Darkmoons rank rewards? That sucks =/
Because no one would be able to get the ring achievment otherwise.