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This is actually looking like a proper sequel, unlike ds2
... And what does Lucatiel's Sword has to do with it? =P
Let's be real ds2 was ***** people it was disappointing in almost every way.
Your opinion is unwanted
dark souls 2 was my first souls game, if you mean that in the form of not hard enough i have two words for ya. ANCIENT DRAGON!
Lucatiel... A proud Knight of Mirrah... cursed soul who lost everything : her family, her faith and her reason...
May the steel of her blade guide thee, through the ashes of time, and lead its champion to the end of your quest. May you find your answers...
And be preserved from madness.
can undead and hollows die after the first flame is rekindeld, because it stards to look like the flame fade's every 100-1000 years. she might have found her peach in death.
Rest in undeath Lucatiel
@ Your comment would be beautiful for an npc's dialogue when they first see the player carrying the blade
@ Tanks a lot. That came through my mind, at the moment I saw her blade... "sigh" I wished to save her... I never could.
So (Hollowed?) Lucatiel (Or at least her soul) became part of the rotten greatwood?
Now the answer is clear for the question whether DS3 is sequel or prequel.
Anyway, my favorite NPC in the series
Time in the souls series is not linear as you discover in DaS I, I wouldn't say the answer is clear.
"I wouldn't say it's clear."
I would say it's... murky. :P
SPOILERS: The game kinda happens during the events of DS2 (In this universe, the time is convoluted so it makes sense), since we can find dark spirit Creighton and deceased Gilligan, who died very recently in the game. (His body hasn't decomposed yet)
How do you hold the weapon? In DS2 Lucatiel held her weapon in the straighsword stance, but when the player gets it they hold it over the shoulder like all other greatswords. Is this weapon unique in stance or anything like that? I haven't seen the moveset.
It is held like a normal greatsword, but has one handed sword style moves in the mix
Wasn't it Lucatiel's brother that wielded the Greatsword of Mirrah?
he wielded the old greatsword of miarrah. lucatiel wielded this one by the looks of it
Has anyone used the sword is it good
Its a good sword, good moveset and it comes with daddies old secret hollow killing juice. Also found it to be good at catching people trying to roll away using the two handed moveset o3o
It's amazing. I can kill people in 3 hits in pvp and can kill bosses easily when it's *•+5.
It's good against certain enemies. For example it wrecks the Deacons of the Johnny Depp boss. Heh.