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By Anonymous
This is probably the only souls-like that doesn't have metroidvania elements. That sucks.
By Anonymous
what's the place in ds3 that's considered the best place to just chill at
By Anonymous
Best place to chill at is irythrill of the boreal valley. It looks nice and you can kill enemies so you can level up.
By Anonymous
I personally like Smouldering Lake after you deal with the ballista and worm. As long as you stay away from the crabs, it's just a really cool big cave with tons of empty room.
By Anonymous
So its 2 am and I can't sleep and had the same question.

I had the prefix that there where no enemys and it would be normaly Polpulated.
Under these circumstances I would go with irythill it's just beautiful an got a nice city feeling to it.

If we talk about strait living in a Darksouls World I'd say Firelink shrine. I'm pretty sure I can fight a slow moving guy with a Shield and spear. And you have by far the most company in this lonely world.

And hey maybe you even find a partner (obviously andre).

By Anonymous
although people seem to hate it i find the profaned capital pretty calm