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Firelink shrine is in dark souls 3?! I don't believe it!
Spoiler! It isn't exactly the firelink that you once remembered...
i cant believe it too!
It was the best day of my life, when I realised firelink shrine was in DS3, gahurrrr
i cant believe firelink shrine is in dark souls 3!!
Time in this game is distorted
its still the same world as in the other dark souls games, if u played them u will see tons of references...
Anor Londo is also coming back. It's where you fight Aldrich.
where do I go after the deacons of the deep
you must defeat the abyss watchers and go past that area. Once through there you will have to make it though sen's catacombs and defeat that boss, after that you will make it to a new area that needs the small doll that you received from the deacons of the deep
Farron Keep
Catacombs of Carthus
Cathedral of the Deep is a dead end. Road of Sacrifices swamp area with the crabs... behind that is an archway with two exile warriors, get past them and go down the ladder... Farrons Keep Swamp is the next area... depending how the players explore the RoS swamp some might visit and complete Farron Keep Swamp first before actually fighting the Crystal Sage and then visiting Cathedral. I guess Crystal Sage is the boss for RoS... But you can actually get invaded, so it's great for PvP play
I've watched nearly the entire game and have seen plenty of PvP and locations. I think the hot spot should be the beginning bridge in Irithyll. Other ideas?
I'm thinking just before the staircase at the Anor Londo bonfire. That's where I've seen the most PvP action personally
In front of the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire.
I love that Anor Londo is in the game, but I also don't understand why. Isn't this place called Lothric? So why is Anor Londo there?
Right now it is called Lothric, and it also was called Drangleic, and Lordran. Lothric is just the civilization that currently resides in this spot. AnorLondo hasn't gone anywhere.
Because Lothric is Lordran.
The world of Dark Souls is a patchwork of kingdoms created by every Lord of Cinder. In Dark Souls 2, we got to visit four kingdoms.
Whoever says things are rehashed forgets the fact the continent constantly goes through rebirth. There are references to Dark Souls 2 here there, the the giant tree that gives a seed later in the game being one.
I do not like how much is rehashed from Dark Souls; Andre, Firelink Shrine, Anor Londo, Kiln of the First Flame, etc... What angers me even more is that Dark Souls 2 plays no role in Dark Souls 3. It is like it didn't exist; maybe I would've been more open to rehashing if Dark Souls 2 did that, but right now it feels like Dark Souls 2 is the black sheep standalone.
Remember what Solaire said. Time is always shifting in Dark Souls, heroes centuries old passing in and out. The game also says this in the intro cut-scene that the lands of lords (Anor Londo, The Profaned Capital, etc) converge on Lothric. Think of the world of Dark Souls 3 like the dream in Bloodborne, or like a type of warping of time and space. These ancient locations have traveled through time to be here much in the same way we see npcs and players entering our world from theirs.
This is something i heard from someone here:
Logdran + Drangleic = Lothric
Each game is built upon the previous. We're technically in the same world the whole time. Anor Londo is from the first game and they built another kingdom on top of it, and another kingdom on top of the one they built on top of Anor Londo. It just goes on and on, each time you link the fire.

Dark Souls II was not as well-recieved as the original game, nor was it developed by Hidetaka Miyazaki like the first and third games were, so it stands to reason that it's viewed as a bit of a black sheep and that there wouldn't be as many references to it as there are to the first game. However, there are a number of references, like the Lucatiel's greatsword and the petrified giants outside Firelink Shrine. They're just not as obvious or direct as the references to the first game.
It breaks my heart that we get anor londo but no waifu(Priscilla). The small reference to Priscilla (lifehunt scythe miracle) is little comfort to me
Lothric is where the transitory meaning moving lands converge or combine so Lothric and Drangleic are merging with Lothric to form one big continent.
Does anyone know why the fire keeper is not appearing at the bonfire so I can kneel to her and get on with the game?
Have you looked around Firelink? She moves about a bit - I think I've seen her in 3 different locations so far (though that might have been 2 from different angles XD)
Did you kill her?
She's prolly tired from standing near the hand maid. You may find her sitting near stairs or standing the the bonefire
Who else is still enjoying Lothric,15 game play hours later?? This is my first play of the DS games and I'm just taking my time, learning the ropes and strategy. And dying plenty of times. Am I alone?
15 hours in the high walls? Honestly I did spend some time to grind the lothric gear (believe me the lothric shield is so helpful when you +9 it)
I'm with you, buddy - about 6 hours and I've not gotten past the second bonfire on the High Wall! Loving the crap out of it, though :D
around 30hours and cleared everything, every secret location and boss, every titanite slab. All questlines. The only thing that I skipped was leveling through the covenants.
Not at all, my friend. I've played and completed all the "souls" games and 17 hours in, I've only reached Farron Keep. Have fun with the game and don't rush yourself. :)


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Already got 60 hours played on my first character, still not finished my first run, taking my time to explore everything and try to find all items without using the wiki.