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By Anonymous
Be the ruler of hollows hmm most hollows I’ve met have tried to eat stab burn and murder me I’m pretty sure yuria that me as a leader is a bad idea also even if I am their lord they still try to murder me let sigward be lord he would throw party’s everyday
By Anonymous
If you have the Dark Sigil you become the Lord of Hollows anyway, even if you let the Fire fade, but only just till another contender takes your place.

Only if you usurp the First Flame is that you become the TRUE Lord of Hollows, the one and eternal. Becasue when you do so, you become the very Flame in a way. Also having the Dark Sigil, the Lord's Mark, and suppossing you killed Gael, you'll have the complete Dark Soul of men. So in synthesis you're the embodiment of duality.

By achieving that ending you literally just became a living and walking god.
By Anonymous
Why can’t we just marry her instead of anri, I feel like she would make a better wife : (
By Anonymous
Maybe for her idea of the term 'wife'.
For anybody else that's ritual murder at best.
By Anonymous
Anri came back to life in the lord of hollows ending
By Anonymous
IF she had hair
By Anonymous
Go to hell thot. No one kills my man Orbeck
By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure she literally just lies about Orbeck "claiming to be the Lord of Hollows" to get you to kill him. Orbeck becomes a close friend with you as you progress the game and buy his spells, and never mentions anything about Hollows or Londor. Yuria is a b*tch who likes to make guys fight over her lmao.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
For easy kill use poison mist pyromancy. It goes through walls/ the floor so it can be cast on the same level as the bonfire, looking down on her. She might run off towards the stairs but she loses aggro and goes back to her original position
By OpKingDimond
I found some extra dialog that you guys don't have here, discord me OpKingDimond#7662 and I'll send the clip.
By Anonymous
If I follow Yuria's questline to the point of marriage ritual, but then I give Firekeeper the Firekeeper soul and eyes, will I get the Usurpation of Fire ending or the one with the Firekeeper?
By Anonymous
It's your choice, there's a summon sign with the summon the firekeeper option and if you summon her you get End of Fire, if you just touch the funny warm gas then you get Usurpation of Fire
By Anonymous
I found something cool haha! If you talk to her while holding the firekeeper soul that you find on top of firelink shrine Yuria will have unique dialogue.
By Anonymous
If you **** up the Anri questline and kill Yuria so you can keep buying her **** from the Shrinemaiden instead of letting her leave, can you try again in NG+?
By Anonymous
btw she didnt attack me wehn i killed her after the wedding and only told me to stop
By Anonymous
You have truly turned hollow
By Anonymous
I killed Anri at Firelink for her armor and Yuria acknowledged it in dialogue without turning hostile. I didn't see the resulting dialogue anywhere in the quotes. Can someone else confirm?
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