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By Anonymous
look armor who like bloodborne
By Anonymous
Cainhurst fashion on point in Londor appearently!
By Anonymous
Yoel gave me 3 Free levels then when i came back after catacombs boss he was dead. I had healed my dark sigil, guess that's why Yuria never spawned :/
By Anonymous
I had 4 levels from him just now and after I killed the Abyss Watchers and came back he was dead. I think you can't kill any lord of cinder until you get all your levels. Also Yuria hasn't spawned for me yet and I haven't cured my dark sigil. So I think you need to completely finish his questline. I hope I'm wrong though I'm already on NG+
By Anonymous
i see
By Anonymous
She is basically Mephistopheles from Demons Souls.
By Anonymous
Does curing the dark sigil remove the visual effects of hollowing. Also is there any other way to unlock the hexes from the braille tome from whats her ***** without buying the braille tome from yuria?
By Anonymous
Does killing Yuria allow you to buy her armor? Don't care about the questline, just want that armor!
By Anonymous
Can you get her armor any other way? I'm not one for killing npcs when it's avoidable.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Yes, if you kill her and bring her ashes to the old granny she will sell her armor. Also by killing her you obtain the katana with the invisible blade (can't remember its name now).
By Anonymous
This NPC can be summoned for the Soul of Cinder bossfight
By Anonymous
She never asked for ashes from players. Prehaps this was a different part of the quest? I completed the dark sigil ending with out her asking for it.
By Anonymous
Screwed up by thinking you could heal the dark sigil up to five times. Read the thing wrong. No wonder he hasn't given me anymore level ups either.
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