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By Anonymous
By t0tal
5 left handed gays dislikes it
By Anonymous
dude you can map the buttons in the PS4 menu seriously, just switch the buttons and it's good as done
By Anonymous
i cant change .. X Backstep to O Backstep !!
By Anonymous
Oh my goodness! You're, not your.
By Anonymous
If your playing the Japanese version, then yes, they are flipped. If you wait for the Apr. 12 english PS4 release, then it should be normal again. The english XB1 version had normal buttons, but it wasn't available for PS4. Also, you can go to the Accessibility menu in the PS4 settings, and simply remap X to O. The prompts of screen will be the same, but the buttons will be normal.
By Anonymous
What with that X is no to roll and O is enter?
By Anonymous
In Japan the O and X buttons are often flipped
By Anonymous
So, for people in the West, the roll will remain O, and interact will still be X? I feel like muscle memory from Souls 1 and 2 will kill me if they're flipped. (I'm waiting for the english release in Canada, b/c my Japanese is practically nonexistent.)
By Anonymous
Waiting for the Canadian version as well! I doubt the controls will be this way for the NA and EU versions of the game, I don't see any real reason for From to do that.
By Anonymous
its O for roll, i have the english version and i can confirm this
By Anonymous
Where is the Xbox controls
By Anonymous
sprint + l3 or o is jump
By Anonymous
could you use a ps3 controller?
By Anonymous
time for R1 falchion spam
By Anonymous
PS3 controller on pc is not working for me
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