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Awww yeeeeeeeeeeah
Doesn't at all remind me of beast claws *whistling*
He was being sarcastic...
How does this remind you of the beast claws...
I see this is your second souls game.
He said it doesn't leart how to read



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Didn't boss weapons cap at +5? or Bloodborne did messed up my brain?

Anyways, great weapon, doesn't do an incredible ammount of damage but is good enough back-up weapon, though the only problem is kind of useless on PvP unless you're dueling somebody and even then it kind of lacks the damage to kill someone fast enough (Not that you'll hear me complain about it) due to everyone and their moms having insane ammounts of hp
And the knight slayers ring, instant ***** please flaming fist build, insert favorite armor and you are done
I'm sure someone out there will find some hidden scaling on this weapon or make a build around this weapon and turn it into the most broken thing in this game.
Both pontif's eye rings with the carthus damage boost pyromancy
I haven't gotten this weapon yet, but what does the left hand L2 do? Is it a parry like the Caestus or another punch?
It's a parry.
When this is on the left off hand does it parry like a Caestus?
L2 is actually a spinning attack. If you hit R2 during the spin, your char punches the ground in a fire eruption that can launch enemies
Will the fire damage of the Demon's Fist scale along side the int and faith or is it much like bloodborne weapons where only upgrading the weapon increases the elemental damage?
Scalling is so bad but at least it exist so yes you can up int and fth to grow the fire damage
not by much at +5 with scaling on Int and FTH at 20 is an extra 45 fire damage
Does this work like the chests or more like the bone fist? If not bone fist then I'm hoping for some in dlc.
Sadly It has a regular fist move set, only difference is the flame spin weapon art a bit lackluster imo
Whoever put that fire scales with str is an idiot
Fire does scale with str. What's the problem?
At +2 the Physical is 124, fire is 102 then for scaling it is C, -, E, E.
they are at +5, I have 50/STR, 30/INT and 30/FTH and I can barely scratch players health bars. Such a cool weapon being wasted by bad Damage output.