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By Anonymous
gotta love when there's:
1. a host
2. a darkmoon blade
3. and me, a purple
and the red decides he just really hates the color purple today
By Anonymous
To be fair, an enterprising purple could snag 3 shackles in that situation. Take out the one that stands to gain the most first.
By Anonymous
Today I was doing some invading in grand archives and i managed to damage the scholars, no other enemies but still, got really confused what's up with that?

Anyhow, I decided to help the host, which seemed to be new to the game, make it to the last short cut, showing the way and such. He was so happy to make it, such a sweet encounter! Of course I killed him when we got back to the bonfire but still! Def the best covenant
By Anonymous
Sounds like he used a Seed of a Giant Tree on you, making the enemies hostile to you.
By Anonymous
Love being unpredictable, maybe I'll kill your red phantoms maybe I'll kill you
By Anonymous
Need help farming shackles
By Anonymous
Anyone want to farm covant items ?
By Anonymous
Why would anyone summon a mad phantom. I just don't get it
By Anonymous
to duel
By Anonymous
Because sometimes they might kill you, other times they might nuke all the invading phantoms from orbit. Its the ultimate gambit.
By Anonymous
I swear this covenant gives me mixed results. Someimes it's "ah gottem ggs" after killing a random summon that got lost and was away from his team before I'm sent home, and I enjoy it. Other times, I feel terrible about being forced to abandon the red I've been fighting alongside for that past 20 minutes against the resummoning gank.
By Anonymous
Please help me farm.

Psn: LookAtThis_2000
By Anonymous
Okay but imagine if you could summon purples unembered, that way there's risk/reward for it, since there's less penalty for them betraying you, but in return, they can betray you
By Anonymous
Want easy shackles? Put down a purple sign in Cathedral of the Deep. Then just vibe. I don't know why but hosts have a weird tendency of wandering off and dying when no one is looking, particularly in this level. Can't explain how many moments where me and a sunbro were working together to kill the second giant when BOOM. "Duty fulfilled". Cue a few confused glances between me and them before we're each booted back to our world.
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