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Let's do this, ps4 version PSN ID: Johndeuxtroiss
A message to those Mad Spirits that kill any player they see (even other dark spirits): You're bat*****insane and I love you.
thx :-*
Absolute mad lads
Soooo... cage guy was hostile to me when I walked on over to him. Is that supposed to happen?
Nevermind, it turns out if you fight the Greatwood (and lose) but get to the point where it smashes the pit, Hodrick will die and cut off this method of accessing the Covenant, which is not on the page.
Yes, the cage enemy is hostile no matter what from my experience. The enemy type wont attack if you arent right next to it, so try to talk to it from a slight distance. thats what worked for me.


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Another side note idk if it still stands but if Hodrick invades you and you kill him in the Undead Settlement it also makes the cage guy hostile.
Not true. I've done many playthroughs where I killed Hodrick's invasion in Undead, and still was able to join the covenant.


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Last covenant i need items for. Xbox 1 GT is Kardasman, add me and help me get them all ill help you too
Page should really be updated to mention that you can't meet Hodrick if the fight against the Curse-Rotted Greatwood reaches the point where you fall into the pit - if you die after that point, you'll be locked out of the covenant despite the CRGW still being alive.
Look, new mound-makers - when you invade a large group with another invader present you need to either kill the host or 3 phantoms. If you want to try and kill the fellow invader for one of your 3 phantom kills that's fine, but for *****'s sake at least wait for a couple kills. If you attack right off the bat all you've done is turn a 4v2 into a 5v1, and you don't need to be too bright to see the problem there.
Found the invader who got wrecked by a mad spirit
Found the mad spirit who struggles with math
Seems I become a member of the covenant after helping her kill her grandfather, despite not having that green blossom with the inscription. Happened with 2 different characters.


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This + Bloodlust +Shadow Set + Carthus Rings + Ring of Favor + Chloranthy Ring + Grasscrest Shield = Mad Ninja
Put a summon sign down as Moundmaker while in the DLC and wanted to be a spear from time to time before I got to Midir. Because, who would ever summon a purple phantom, right? Turns out everybody and their grandma would... Some of the most fun free for all fights I ever had, 10/10 would do again