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Need help getting the shackles, will help back. PSN: FIsherConroy
Blue sentinel wait times got you down? Introducing Mound Makers! Simply apply the purple Kool-aid and invade away! Now you can kill up to 3 reds per invasion, or the odd watchdog/aldrich if you're feeling frisky. Train your fellow blues to Git Gud by dueling them as a purple phantom! And remember to turn in 30 proofs of purchase to get a special prize!
All for the low-low price of pledging your hollow soul to the one and only- Holy Knight Hodrick!!
Why doesn't this page explain what a mad phantom is or how I would invade as one? Co-op page links here via Mad Phantom but no explanation on either page.


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"How you enter a host's world dictates how you can interact with the world. You can either be summoned via a White Sign Soapstone or invade using a Red Eye Orb. [...] Whether you use the white soap stone, red soap stone, or the red eye orb a mound maker phantom will always appear as purple as well as the signs you place."
Mad Phantoms are phantoms who invade while joined in the Mound Maker covenant. Mad Phantoms are always a purple color. Not hard to understand.
if anyone wants to farm mound makers or any other covenant item, i will help if you help me to
What system and name?
Birdmandagr8. Psn add me please
Hello hello! I would be very grateful to receive some help on this, and am happy to help anyone else out as well! :) PlayStation 4 username is exdreamer1999
SL 191 looking for help and will return it, going for pyromancy for achievement of course Steam: xXSa_ltXx
Sent you an invite: steam: ritvendra
Same for me mate, I am also working achievements and getting fed up with the time taking process.


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Looking for a partner to collect all the shackles. I will provide help if needed in return. PSN ID: Gripperas96


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I don't mind helping if you do the same PSN loganioke
Hey, looking for help getting these too and will trade. Gamertag - ExcellentArtist
If you are on steam,add me id is : ritvendra


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I'm lookin' for help farmin Shackles, trying to do a pyro build and having no heal at times without wasting my estus flasks (Plus being able to heal my phantoms) can be a pain. My PSN is WishfulRoses
Need help too
Can you be summoned as a mound maker in an area that has previously been cleared?
Just like a red sign, you can be summoned
anyone want to dark?
Sure what system?
Ps4 version: username johndeuxtroiss