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Do people play NG+ on PC? The only pyro spell I need is from this Covenant.
In 2021!?!?!!
being ng, ng+ or whatever doesnt matter for invading, its all just SL
Best place to farm for me was Earthen peak ruins bonfire in Ringed city, lots of people die by the angel's laser, nothing to actually do and you got a shackle! ;)
This is a great advice.
use the yorm bonfire and farmeverything around it ng+4 igot almost 200k per bonefire return
Anyone for farm?
a few days later, but I am. I'll keep an eye on this for a response.
I'm a Pyro on my first game and decided to play blind like you're supposed to and I missed my chance to join for the playthrough. Wish not everything needed an extensive guide with spoilers. Guess I'll farm offline.
Farmed all the shackles in one day. Was SL 20 had only +2 equipment on me and started invading at the Delapitating Bridge Bonfire. Half the time I had to do nothing, the Embers of the Host died on their own before I managed to get to them.
This is my favourite covenant after Rosarias Finges because of the Mad-Phantom idea. With untrue white ring i was able to easly slay some filthy casuals. I even named myself ater him and killed like 39 people as him.
That's sad that you can only kill casuals. Meanwhile I bet when you invade you run like a coward against anyone with an iota of skil
I died to Holy Knight, but as I was dying he walked off a cliff and I never got the item. Is there any way to gain it, aside from NG+?
For clarity, I am talking about the invader.
(if you re talking about the covenant itam, the mound-makers)
I think it doesn't matter if Hodrick died as an invader. If you haven't killed the cursed tree, you can still follow the instructions above: find the friendly NPC and be teleported next to the real Hodrick
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I'll be down to farm. rudy181818?
Lookin for a farming buddy, Steam friend code is 105887346
I sent a friend request. (Cheese Paratha With Cheese)
i need a farming buddy on ps4 Discord: BurntToaster#7718
I need help too lol