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Lightning use+Rapier+10=damage 1600 yeah! hell
Strong attack weapon art is basically a forward lunge with a VERY quick flurry of attacks, finished with a forward lunging thrust at the end. Basically a souped up Ricard's rapier r2.
Before I make a wrong choice, does anyone know which upgrade path is best to follow for the rapier?
The table REALLY needs filling in for this weapon.
If your pure dex = sharp // strength+dex = refined // strength = heavy // Dex+Magic = Crystal or Simple. Magic+faith = chaos or dark. Dex+Faith = Bless or lighting.

Strongest AR is Choas or Dark, although if you pure dex with buff on resine you play close to same dps and can use more states for health and stamina. Im switched to pure dex for tank appeal. Lighting or Crystal around the same dps as a pure dex without resines. although will hurt certain bosses more than others, so theres that.
If not for rapiers, harharhar.
butt hurt?
Where would they be? Probably still kicking your salty ***.
From may need to balance this game a bit more but I don't find this thing as retardedly overpowered as the estoc.
Maybe because I didn't fight against many rapier users tho.
Sorry for actually using the rapier for noble duels, with success, and no r1 spam
Rapier has way less range then estoc BUT

A rapier going r1-r1-r2-back step-weapon art R1-R2

Is pretty graceful and timed right will demolish other dex builds
Nah this weapon is just completely unrealistic. In no universe could this ever match up against any other weapon. It's 3 pounds yet stunlocks and hits like a truck. It's one dimensional moveset requires no skill whatsoever. There is nothing brilliant about this weapon. Should I go on?
I parry you scrubs todo el tiempo; the only thing I'm butthurt about is how completely boring to makes duels. Get a real weapon.
This weapon, while infused with a simple gem and used in your offhand, really compliments an Exile greatsword user (as well as people who spam their weapon art in general) because the Exile greatsword's weapon art cannot be parried, and therefore, the fp regen becomes very useful to have, especially for fight clubs if you run out of ashen estus and fp. Not to mention, you can parry with it and it has a fast attack animation which becomes useful for poke damage if you can't seem to hit them very often with your main weapon. Also, if you use weapon buffs like Dark Blade or Carthus Flame arc, having the rapier in your offhand means that you don't have to switch your main weapon and cancel the buff. Give this one a try in pvp. It will make you fairly unpredictable and very versatile. Also, if you need to block, you can always just two hand your greatsword since it has decent stability and it's guard absorption is on par with some small shields.
"When you can't hit them with your main just poke them.."

Sounds like a cop out.
I don't use the simple infusion, but it is one of the best offhands for a greatsword.
Noble duels??? Refined Techniques??? LMFAO
A rapier in the hands of a casual or r1 spammer is a disgrace

A rapier in the hands of a player who knows real life fencing and employs similartechniques into game...welll they will pick you alart slowly then end in one sweep
The Parry Animation seems actualy the same as the Parrying Dager does it have less frames or is the parry Dagger actuall just *****sngiggels on From's site?
It does appear to have the same timing as the dagger. Not sure on the number of frames however.


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Way back in Dark Souls 1 this was the piercing sword everyone complained about thanks to its crit, but now it gets to sit back and relax while estoc takes all the attention.
I'm about to start NG+ and have been infusing and testing with various weapons. I infused a +4 rapier with lightning and now I cannot buff it with Carthus or Magic! Thought I was doing something wrong but it just won't have it.....can anyone else test this please?
Ahem! I see the error I made! Didn't really do many infusions throughout the game except refined!
You can't buff Infused/Elemental/Boss weapons
Yeah, I see the error of my ways on this. I had gotten so used to having Refined infusions that I could also add Carthus Flame Arc to I barely used any other infusions. D'oh!


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Also... yeah sure this is two years later but if yah still there, alive... The thrusting swords scales best as a Sharp infusion, if you're a caster use Dark, Chaos, Crystal or Lightning gems. That way you don't use a slot for a Dark Blade, Magic Weapon or Blessed Weapon... But the Ar rating for a buffed weapon is slightly higher than a gem infused, but still, the enemy player can hit you with a Duel Charm if they're not up for a proper duel.