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By Anonymous
This class's character design probably comes from Anglo-Saxon warriors from 7th-mid 8th century. Look at Northern Warrior's helmet, it's probably inspired from Anglo-Saxon warrior's famous Coppergate Helmet. Also the clothes they're wearing is more similar to Anglo-Saxon warriors than Vikings.
By Anonymous
If only the axe was a bearded axe, this class will be pure viking.
By Anonymous
Northern anglo-saxon then. Also Britain is still farther north then much of Europe. Also they probably mean north of Lothric or Drainliec or some-odd place.
By Anonymous
I think you are right. Looks more Saxon than Viking to me too. Especially the helmet. Good old Viking Age vibe anyway. :D
By Anonymous
You do realize that "Anglo-Saxon" consists of many different cultures (mostly Viking) including Denmark (which are indeed Vikings), and Northern Holland (which were also Vikings) and northern Germany (Germany originally came from Viking and Keltic blood back in the Roman era). Anglo-Saxons are Viking descendants so, to say something is more Anglo-Saxon doesn't really make any sense, as most were Viking and they were both around during the same time period. Also, that helmet is the closest historical representation of what the wealthy Viking warriors would wear in battle. ... 300386.png
By Anonymous
Let's remember that the best warriors in history were the ones that stole ideas from other cultures. They used these new ideas to improve weapons and armor, so it's not unreasonable that a Northern warrior would pick a foreign helmet up off the battle field if it was superior to his own.
By Anonymous
Yeah definitely looks like an Anglo-Saxon warrior, pretty chuffed being saxon myself :D
By Anonymous
Although I doubt anyone will read this:Anglo Saxons are not Viking descendants but people descending from the germanic tribes of the Saxons and Angles hence the name (although there might be some other tribes mainly of the british isles mixed in there too). The Saxons and Angles hailed from the territory of todays north Germany and although they were being renound raiders pillaging coastlines this does not make them automatically Vikings as these originated (like you wrote from Denmark and the Scandianvian landmass). Saying Anglo-Saxons are descendants of Vikings and exisiting in the same time is pretty unaccurate. Plus stating that todays german people hail from vikings is wrong as well. Todays Scandinavian people like Swedes and Finns are descendants of Vikings, Vikings never settled (at least not for long) in the area of todays Germany. German tribes or nowadays people also hardly have or had keltic blood since they hailed from (as the name implies) from Germanic tribes (Keltic culture is not the same as Germanic). Finally, the helmet itself looks more like and Anglo-Saxons one when you go for "typical" styles of these cuktures.So yeah, there's that sorry for the wall of text. I'm no historian but historical inaccuracy somewhat bugs me, in contrast to my grammar apprently...
By Anonymous
Aren't anglo-saxons from britain though? It says northern warrior so it would make more sense if it was a viking
By Anonymous
Is it? We got his wrongful idea that vikings fought in leather and mostly bare breasted, but that's completely wrong. Vikings, and especially the elite, wore chainmail armor and battle axes were a popular choice. As for the helmet, they didn't have horns in them. So that helmet fits right in. What makes it more likely to be a viking is the shield, being the typical round shield made of hardened wood with a metal base that were typical of vikings. Also, NORTHEN warrior. That does not include Anglo-Saxon. The british isles have never been a part of the viking culture. In fact, the viking era ended when the vikings started joining the brits.
By Anonymous
The shield is identical to Benhart of Jugo's parma.
By Anonymous
High dex two handed weapons will take a while to qualify for, but this will be the clear choice to rush to the heavy, high damage str weapons.
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By Drake_Bridge_Invader
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Yeah, you could certainly do that. The knight is more balanced with the str and dex though.
By Anonymous
I would say warrior is well equiped to immediately start pumping points into dexterity. Naturally this depends on one's style of play.
By mopfking
Highest VigorHighest StrengthHighest Endurance It's for PURE Strength Build
By Anonymous
An absolute beast, this class
By Anonymous
To be real, I think this is the bandit we've always needed, but never got. I'm impressed by the starting stats, considering it's better than the knight in terms of damage, and good armor to boot. I hope that battleaxe is cooler than it's been in 1 & 2.
By Anonymous
I would say the thief is the bandit weve always needed. The warrior is like the warrior we always needed.
By Anonymous
Finally made up my mind. Warrior it is and the Claymore my weapon of choice. ^_^
By Anonymous
Me too and my weapon of choice is the Greatsword. It is the best thing you can get. CRAZY damage, scaling, and efficiency.
By Anonymous
Im gonna start my 1st playthrough with this class. Pretty easy switch from early str build to late game dex build. Level up my strenght to 24 to get the butchers knife. Then all non vgr, end, vit points to dex to get it to 20 as farron greatsword needs 20 dex. Btw anyone can answer to this question: Farron greatsword has C/A scaling at +5 so would sharp infusion on it make any sense as it would be -/S scaling apparently? Strenght would remain at 24 (could be lowered to 18 by respeccing with pale tongue as farron str req is 18) and dex could be pushed to about 40-50.
By Anonymous
Butcher's blade will be back????
By Anonymous
Oh yeah i was too eager. Farron GS cant be infused. Back to the drawing board.
By Anonymous
Nice starting class if you were planing on a pure strength build. I'm thinking of using this one or the knight, probably this one since I like high damage outputs
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