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Confirmed to be dropped by a Darkwraith in DS3. Dark Hand confirmed as well.



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what does the dark hand grabbing attack does? i mean there is no humanity counter do you gain a ember or they gain hollowing?
If I find out my precious Dark hand is not in game...I will find you, and drag your soul into the darkness, you will know what its like to become hollow.
The Red Eye Orb is rooted in a tiny land swallowed by darkness long ago. Some choose to put the orb to other uses. To embark on this path, enter the service of Rosaria in the Cathedral of the Deep.


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Have you been well?

Good to see it again.
I just hope that "Some choose to put the orb to other uses." means that we can make the orb also invade people outside of lord of cinder mode cause 40% more hp are kind of *****ty



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This just means the Orb gets additionnal effects in specific covenants. For example Warriors of Sunlight get Sunlight Medals as a reward for invading, and the Mound-Makers can attack monsters while invading.
The Mound Makers are unable to attack monsters while invading and can not be targeted by monsters. When using the orb they will be purple and rank up as mound makers, but they only interact with the PvE environment if they are summoned via soapstone.
So, do we need to be in the covenant to use it, or is it free use now? cause I'd love it if we can just freely use it.
You don't need to have the covenant unlocked to be able to use it.
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Omg I never even thought of that comparison Miyazaki you dog
so if a sunbro uses it, it becomes evil carrot bro. iPurple phantoms have 2 different mechanics based on how the enter your world, but what if a blue covenanter uses it? especially dark moon blades?
it didnt work. Darkmoon Blades are not allowed to Invade on there Own. And thats the Sucking System from DS2 that never worked properly for the Blue Sentinals.....People need to use the Way of Blue,they need to get Invaded and they need to have a lvl nearly your its nearly not possible to get a "Call" as a Darkmoon Blade.
I waitet over 5 Hours at lvl 55 with the Darkmoon, The Aldrych and The Watchdogs per 15 Hours....Only got 2 Invades als Aldrych.
Everyone I invade just hides behind their summoned phantoms and refuse to move unless it's a 3v1.
This is actually hilarious, cause all i've seen is the exact opposite with invaders when they start losing they run behind mobs, EVERYTIME. You're INVADING someones world not using a red sign. Did you expect open arms? This is dark souls..
I bet you're also the kinda guy who runs for mob help even without phantoms. You're basically guaranteed a kill through attrition, 3v1 is more than fair for an invader. Get over it.
you just meet the wrong people. i had some nice and fair fights (between all the healing scrubs with phantoms that i killed anyways most of the time...)!
There's a lot of newbies just chill man. And besides, you invaded him so...
Have you been smoking pot? A 3v1 isn't fair even with garbage mobs since they can use the seed to aggro the mob also being summoned as via soapstone can still lead to you getting ganged. Only someone who is complete ***** would say, " 3v1s are completely fair get over it". Lmao
You also lose all your souls if you die. In previous games you would die and still be able to retrieve your souls when you return to your world but now it seems they just disappear. *****ing gay and would have like to know this before i invade and lose 30k souls
Good thing it's soul level not memory so it's not a big deal
This is dark souls, stop being a lil ***** about losing souls.
Ya I figured it out. Thanks. ***** you guys who called me a ***** and a *****. This community was better before you got here.
Then don't invaded lmfao p****
Just like dks2 if you go to where u die u can pick up bloodstain
It works as if you died in your own world. Your souls will be at where you died when you invaded. It's different from the previous 2 games, but your souls aren't gone.
if you go to where i died then they will be there