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By Shauneepeak
Seems sweet, finally a magic weapon appears.
By Anonymous
It isn't a magic weapon though, it purely scales from dex and str. It also has no magic damage unless you use the special move.
By Anonymous
this is the first comment on the pkcs we should treasure it because it is not a toxic salty cesspool
By Absoloot
This weapon follows the Twinkling titanite upgrade path. Twinkling to +4, slab to +5. It cannot be infused. These huge tables of all the +10 Variants is pointless. I could edit it but I'm not sure if I should (I'm sure that people have already built a proper table for Twinkling upgrade).
By Anonymous
which build for this weapon?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Quality, most likely.
By Anonymous
its a fast melee build, you probably wanna focus on endurance and dexterity as the sword scales best with Dex.
By SarkDoul
It is light. Damage is ok. Moveset is good. Power stance move is dope. Looks amazing. Pretty good wep to use early game if you are a dex build. I bought mine from the wendor, a good replacement for the lothhric knight sword. My stats are ***** so I don't get much from scaling atm(14 str 20 dex). I wish this could be infused into a sharp weapon tho.
By Anonymous
love this weapon the weapon art is very useful and it seems most people ive come across in pvp dont expect it. I suggest using it 1 handed with once of the sheilds that allow for weapon skill instead of the bash and such.
By Anonymous
it have great move set and weapon arts, but damage and scaling is so low, also not so fast attack speed. unless you fighting honest people who don't drink orange juice, then it is great, will be pain if they drink.
By Anonymous
Does this weapon art scale with int?
By Anonymous
what on earth ?!
By Anonymous
No only the requirement, it doesn't scale
By Anonymous
Well, you see, i thought so too, maybe even only the weapon art, but it has no scaling stat for int, meaning you have one less stat to worry about effecting the weapon's damage ^_^
By Anonymous
***** off m8you are scrub and cannot use life to you l1e1mo1a11i1ond11
By Anonymous
The Moveset seems pretty fluid and has a lot of tricks. Why arent many people not using this weapon?
By Anonymous
Low damage, can't be buffed or infused
By Anonymous
I think the sheathe looks pretty ***** sexy, it's the blade itself I'm not too fond of. I love this weapon irregardless.
By Anonymous
3 reason;1. sheath looks ugly.2. int req3. carthus curvedsword is better
By Anonymous
That what I'm thinking. I never seen one person using this weapons in all my times in this game.
By Anonymous
I've had a fair amount of success in PvP and managed to catch a lot of people off guard with the weapon art. It's a shame that it can't be buffed/infused, but whatever/
By Anonymous
the range is short and you might whiff a lot
By Anonymous
Because PvP is dominated by cheese builds. Basically they level to a range where they'll have better gear than most players and they pour stats into supporting a specifically easy to use build that punishes all other players who have generally spread out their stats to enjoy the greater selection of weapons available or to have a powerful build later on. Put simply, they feel that winning equals skill. "Winning" in dark souls PvP is about boring your opponent tediously to frustration. The actual skilled players enjoy utilizing the vast variety of weapons DS3 has to offer, including swords such as this one.
By Anonymous
If you try to use the kick while one handing with this weapon you will instead do a small slash and jump back, and while two handing it does a larger slash and jump back as well.
By ZerglingOne
That's consistent with other curved swords.
By Anonymous
Everyone is so used to fighting Carthus Curved that almost no one even knows this weapon, or the unique art even exists, people get caught out by it constantly.Whilst it doesn't have quite as much raw power as the Carthus, or the non-stupid R2s, dat weapon art makes up for it. If you're bored of the Carthus, or just want a sword that looks more interesting, try this thing out.
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