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By Anonymous
anytime I see someone using this, I just curse dagger them. get sh!t on noobs
By Anonymous
Pkcs is best weapon gaming history I've never lost with it even though I never lose otherwise because I'm such a great player. but when I use a pkcs it's an instant point down and dung pie because most often my opponent doesn't even get one hit in. R1 R1 WA WA rollcatch R1 and it's another scrub Eating shiite and wishing he'd never invaded
By Anonymous
I love your dedication to this weapon on every comment section xD
By Anonymous
casul weapon
By Anonymous
This weapon is so trash. They should take Perseverance and Quickstep, combine them into one ability, and give it to this weapon. Maybe then it would be viable....
By Anonymous
always a must on my faith build
By Anonymous
Are you trolling? This weapon has no Faith scaling and doesn't even have a Faith requirement to wield.
This weapon is meant for Intelligence builds. Git good scrub.
By Anonymous
I prefer it on my luck build
By Anonymous
not as good as the saw cleaver tbh
By Anonymous
Fun fact: The amount of dislikes on pkcs comments found in other weapon pages actually work as likes, following the meme.
By Anonymous
I tried this weapon today - bit underwhelming really.

The meme is a lie.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Not trying to be a **** or anything, but it's the best or second best PvP weapon in the game. If it's underwhelming, then that says more about your skill than the weapon itself.
By Anonymous
Or... Is it because other people cannot diversify their skills with other weapons? Or are better suited to other weapons, perhaps?
Versatility is key to this game.
By Anonymous
I mean yeah, it sucks if you mash r1 like a braindead donkey and know nothing about roll catching or staggered r1 combos like 95% of the casuals who pick up this weapon thinking it's an ez win button
By Gabriel-NS-
“The large blade appears to be eaten away by insects, making it lightweight but also brittle” yet it has the highest durability of all curved swords lol
By Anonymous
I sincerely hope there will be a PKCS guy equivalent for Elden Ring.
By Anonymous
Nope! The devs should just copy paste the PKCS into Elden Ring! No changes needed!
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