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pcks is a shhti wepaon only sweeaty noobs use bc they have no actual talnt or skilll even my pkcs can wrek this garbage. Stay free nobs XD
I came here for that weird guy who posts edgy hatebait on the pages for other weapons. Wasn't disappointed
This weapon is just a fall-back, you want to actually git gud? Use literally anything else.
Welcome to the pity party page yall - Pontiff Knight Cucking Sword: used to extract tears and smear beta queers that have no business PvPing in the first place. Seriously if you can't handle fighting this you should be ashamed and embarrassed for your sorry trash self. This is an easy game, there's two or three buttons, and you try to avoid getting hit. If you can't deal with that you should probably uninstall and go back to Doki Doki Literature Club.
Hey man, fcuk you ... dont mess with ddlc ;_;
If you're here to visit the comments, welcome! This is the Irithyll Salt Mines, a respectable, self sustaining industry! Tours are on Saturdays but you're free to roam around. Take some souvenirs! We have plenty of salt here at the Irithyll Salt Mines. Enjoy your visit!


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Does salt go well with Estus soup?, I'm a little low on ingredients currently.
ThatGuyOverThere, Irithyll salt is great for estus soup but i like to but in some ground up red sign soap stone and garnish with some thrall hood as well as a point down emote for extra pzaz.
Nice to see its still self-sustaining after 3 years
A perfectly balanced weapon, as all thing should be.
And they say ultras turns the game in easy mode... it should add curse buildup on the user with each swing, just to involve some sort of skill apart from the 1 and a half neurons it takes to use this weapon.
The only people saying ultras = ez mode are PvE'ers roleplaying transgender fairy/elf hybrids so you should probably just stfu like you know something bruh
No*****, this weapon is for noobs. Don't even argue with me...
git gud
I'm getting annoyed by pretentious noobs who immediately switched to this *****ing*****ty sword after taking 1 or 2 hits. Like seriously, just be yourselves and pull out this***** right at the beginning like a true trash casul you are.
RIP, trash noob, you are mad because you can’t beat casual?
I hope you suck DEATH you Lizardicious Casual XOXO