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What's the fuss about this*****ty sword? It sucks ***. Casuls pls, this sword won't guarantee you a win in pvp, I'll own you any time.
Try saying this to someone like Bdubz...
Ooh, kinky.
You probably got **** numerous times by that weapon to come speficically on this page and comment that*****. GIT GUD
I think the fact that people come here to trash talk this weapon is a good indicator of whether they die to it frequently...
Otherwise named "Why-Would-You-Use-Any-Other-Weapon?"
Can anyone tell me why this weapon is hated so much? I don't have a Ps4 Online membership so I never played pvp. I heard it is a fast rollcatching weapon, but is that all? I never used this weapon so idk what advantage this weapon has.
With average/good connection it can rollcatch on reaction, its really hard to reaction roll and to punish unless you’re using it yourself, it has good range and not bad damage and can put a lot of pressure on pretty much everyone. Still not a reason to complain, all these other dudes that talk **** about casuals using it are just too much casuals to beat casuals.
Can’t wait to use this weapon on a character and name him meta cancer king because this whole community wants to cry about a weapon instead of improvising against it. It has a weakness but you don’t know it so if you meet cancer king one day say hi to this wonderful weapon.
Not that cancer if you know how to deal with this weapon :/
Sure, keep exploiting this*****ty sword with your garbage trash casuls' skill if that makes you feel any better after getting owned by legit players. Fuking scrubs in havel or Lap dog armor + pkcs trying hard to get a win make me wanna puke. But then some of you noobs still hand over your arses to non-meta players LOL, absolute garbage noobs go **** yourselves already.
sweaty invader mad


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Dude, you can’t get this angry at new and casual players for being new and casual, people have to start somewhere, and they can use whatever equipment they Damon well want to as far as I’m concerned
Must be the same guy that commented on the Onikiri page. Same rant about Havel for some reason
This comment section is funny. I mean, this is the best weapon in the game for a reason. At least as far as dueling goes. Depending on the connection you can only beat this weapon by using it yourself or using something like Murky. SnB and SS + xbow is a good matchup but PKCS still wins. It is a braindead weapon but that doesn't mean it's unbeatable. If you play extremely reactive you'll be fine. Although if someone does staggered r1s depending on the connection, you can't reaction roll it. This weapon does have the strongest matchup vs anything in the game. I've seen tournament players get destroyed by this weapon when they were using an inferior matchup and they had to swap to it to beat the person. Losing to PKCS doesn't mean anything, lol. I never comment on this site but felt like some insight needed to be had. Any time I see someone using this I play 100% reactive and passive and stick with a good matchup. It's all you can do tbh, if you're fighting someone who knows how to use PKCS.
Forgot to mention, off hand estoc + SS is a good matchup too. But PKCS still wins either way because of hitstun priority and overall moveset.
One last thing. Yes, the weapon is broken. I'd put it in the same category as Murky/Harpe as far as brokeness goes. It's DS3 PVP ladies and gentlemen. If you want a balanced and more sensible PvP environment. Souls ain't it. Just have fun.
You too could be a pvp rockstar, all it takes is 1) Brazilian internet 2) this. Just in case anyone still hasn't figured out why bdubz will forever be considered one of the greatest ds3 duelists ever.
Best counter against this weapon: yhorm's machete. Just wait for them to start spamming r1 and smack'em. Use an offhand rapier if they try to roll around you


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Good players will never fall for it. In most cases you would get backstabed. So i wouldn't recomend this. The best way to beat PKCS is using PKCS.