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I have a weird symbol that appears under my stamina bar. Its brown and egg shaped, what is it?
Its your Ring if you die 1 Time wile you hav the Ring on you wohnt lose your Souls
It can either be your password being set or the ring of sacrifice.
It's because you have a password on your summon
This layout is awful and I cant use the site on my older android
I laughed so hard at the first comment lol
But seriously, there a other Dark Souls websites that you can find. And they make wiki apps available for download. I would recommend either of those as oppose to taking time out of your day to complain about a website's layout.
This site has worked for years with this series. I've been on it with old and new androids. Must be a users fault. Besides, if you don't like it, I am sure you can make your own site


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Who is he to the game....please somebody tell me, Olly Staley posted 21/04/16.
Pretty sure that he was part of the latest kingdom to fall, at first him and his brother refused to link the flame and want to leave the land, but the curse was spreading rapid and the king I'm pretty sure went hollow. so him and his brother linked the flame together. sorry I don't know much.
He was supposed to link the flame but the scholars in Grand Archives (?) persuaded him not to so you have to kill him and get the cinders of a lord along with the other 3 + ludleth to link the flame and thus extend the age of fire so that the abyss, darkness, and dragons don't reign supreme.

You may not know, but basically the lords of cinder were revived to link the fire, but that required sacrificing themselves (I think) and they were like "***** this" and ran off to do their own thing. So you're a bounty hunter of sorts that was revived afterwards to hunt them down and return their cinders to their thrones so that you can link the fire.
I wonder the same thing
When I beat Yorm we had a final toast together and then I got teleported to the blade dancer. No proof of him dying.
he dies as you teleport, if you did the quest line correct you should go back to Yhorm's chamber and pick up his armor and shield, also do one final toast.
Is there a way to Chang the sex of your character?

In Gwin's tomb there's a ring that switch you to the other sex

Yes, in the cathedral of the darkness there's a woman that changes you appearence in exchange of apalid tongue
No, there is a woman that alters your apperance but you cannot change genders, and the rjng only changes tour animation cycle to the opposite gender it ddoes not change how you look
So, are names based on online profile or what you enter in the character selection screen?
You get to pick from the settings. I believe it is set to character names by default.
it depends you can change it in the settings you can see either the invaders game name or his character name hope this helps your question.